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Questions tagged [evidence]

Evidence refers to items that a traveller would produce at the request of a border official. Commonly this might include air tickets for an onward journey, but can also include invitation letters (for meetings or job interviews), conference bookings, hotel reservations, bank statements, acceptance letters from a school for course work, vaccination certificates, and any other evidence needed to establish that the traveller's premise is valid.

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Proof of Income in homecountry UK visitor visa [duplicate]

I have a quite a complicated question about UK visitor visa for my mom and sister. My husband will sponsor their visa, we have savings and sufficient funds for it, but I think my mom's financial ...
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Indian - Applying for wife (dependent on me) - Visit visa for UK

I was applying for a UK standard visit visa and was filling up the application form for my wife. She is a housewife with no source of income. After filling the application form, at the end the ...
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UK Standard Visitor Visa for Indonesian citizen (visa-national)

Edited so that it is in line with forum: I am a British citizen currently living in Bali, Indonesia. I live with my Indonesian boyfriend, where we both work. I plan on going back to the UK for up to ...
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Can Wife Use Husband's Bank Statement for UK Visit Visa Financial Requirement Purpose?

I was confused whether husband and wife should apply separately for their own UK visit visa or not? then I found my answer here, but this answer raised another question in mind that, can wife use her ...
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Proof of finance when entering the Ukraine as a German citizen

I am planing a trip to Ukraine and read about a proof of finance as an entry restriction for foreigners. The website of the german Auswärtiges Amt is mentioning that since 2013 every non ukrainian ...
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UK citizen Entering the UK on a one way ticket and US passport

My son is a UK citizen but holds only a US passport. Will he be able to enter the UK on a one-way ticket? He has his certificate of UK citizenship. We want to visit family and apply for his UK ...
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Denied entry to the UK after having student visa refused a week earlier, what are my options now? [duplicate]

On the 1st of September my Tier 4 student visa application was rejected but I made the mistake of thinking I was still entitled to enter the UK with my US passport. I had already purchased a Eurostar ...
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Can I travel to the USA, in transit to a different country, without a flight back to my own country?

I'm an European citizen (EU Passport) and I'll be soon traveling to a Central American country. My flight has a one-night layover in the US, so I will actually enter US soil. I have done it in the ...
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Entering the UK with an expired EU passport and a valid non-EU passport

I live in Ireland with a recently expired Italian passport and valid South African passport. I want to visit the UK and wonder if the expired passport is proof of EU citizenship I could get a free ...
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