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Eurowings GmbH, a Lufthansa subsidiary, headquartered in Düsseldorf is a German low-cost airline.

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Is a 1-hour layover in Düsseldorf enough?

I have a flight from Tangier, Morocco, to Vienna, Austria, connecting in Düsseldorf. I have Moroccan citizenship, so I want to know if passport control will be a hassle. I will arrive in Düsseldorf at ...
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EuroWings flight cancelled - how to get rerouting?

Possibly related: First leg cancelled - Etihad Airways refuse to rebook - but a different airline I have a booking with EuroWings (booked directly on their website) to fly on 26 July from LHR (London ...
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Is Eurowings's EC261 compensation refusal accurate?

Background: was due to fly PRN-DUS-MAN, but 3 days before departure, the PRN-DUS route was reduced for July, running on Wednesdays and Saturdays rather than daily. My immediate view is that such a ...
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If my ticket allows me to take a maximum of 23 kg luggage, can I take two pieces with me whose total weight is less than 23 kg?

If my flight ticket type allows me to take with me a maximum of 23 kg luggage, can I take two luggage with me whose total weight is less than 23 kg on the back of the plane? The airline is ...
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Is 60 minutes enough for connecting in Dusseldorf?

On 1st November, I will have my first flight connection (ever, actually) in Dusseldorf, for this reason I am quite stressed about it and I would like to ask some questions. I will travel with an hand ...
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Stowage policy for take off and landing for airlines in Europe

I was traveling with Eurowings from Barcelona to Vienna when I experienced the weirdest thing. I was seated in the front row, comfortably situated with my neck pillow, when the flight attendant ...
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Does Eurowings weigh carry-on bags?

I am flying on Eurowings (from Hamburg, if it matters), and I'm planning on taking a standard international-size carry-on bag that fits within their dimensional requirements. However, their website ...
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Can I refuse to choose seats with additional cost at check-in time?

Related to this question, but in my case I actually am in the situation where all normal seats are occupied. This is what happens here: the online check-in system is trying to force me to choose ...
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Eurowings Basic - Hand Luggage Allowance

The web-site says the following about hand luggage: Each passenger may carry one item of hand luggage on board with a maximum weight of 8 kg and maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 23 cm. This ...
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