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2 answers

Travelling through Eurotunnel on a bus

Is it possible to travel through Eurotunnel on a bus? I want to experience loading on a train like in video here I'll be traveling from the UK side to France. Is there a ...
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COVID and driving from UK to Italy: do I need to self isolate in France even though I just want to drive directly to Belgium and Germany?

I am an Italian citizen and I am relocating back to Italy, following the new rules for travelling in France, I do have a "compelling reason to travel". I want to cross the channel with my ...
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Travel To France from UK via Eurotunnel after June 9th [closed]

UK citizens (ourselves included) will be looking to use the Eurotunnel after June 9th when France says it will allow open travel. Will the NHS App (with vaccination status) allow entry to France ...
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Will I have to quarantine if traveling to the UK by Eurotunnel without exiting the car in France?

Starting my journey to the UK from an exempt country, say, Germany, I will have to travel through France by car to get to the Eurotunnel. I would not stop, leave the car, take on any passenger, etc. I ...
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Why are Eurotunnel tickers 33% cheaper if you are 'resident in the UK'? [closed]

When you go to book a ticket on their web site you have to give your details including your country of residence. For the same trip, if your country of residence is the UK the price will be 25% to 35%...
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29 votes
1 answer

Is the Channel Tunnel in international waters?

Is the Channel Tunnel (the railway tunnel linking Great Britain and France) dug under the seabed considered international waters, or is it always under UK or French territorial waters? EDIT: as some ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How early do I need to book Eurotunnel tickets?

Next summer my family and I (including a 3 year-old and a 5 year-old child) will be traveling from Hungary to the UK by car. I will know the date we want to cross the English channel by March, but I ...
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15 votes
2 answers

Why do the doors between carriages show a no entry sign, yet have to be used by passengers on the Eurotunnel?

At the end of each carriage, there are doors that can be opened by pressing a button and waiting for 2 seconds. The picture showing how to use these doors are here: The doors are generally stiff and ...
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Why do cars need to leave their windows half open whilst on the Eurotunnel?

Whilst riding the Eurotunnel with a car, they ask you to keep your windows half open and also to open any sun roofs. What is the reasoning behind this? I've checked their website and FAQ and couldn't ...
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Dinner at the Folkestone and Calais Eurotunnel terminals

Soon I will be making a return trip through the Eurotunnel by car, each way arriving at the terminal at about dinner time. What options are there to eat dinner there, at both the Folkestone and Calais ...
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6 votes
1 answer

UK Exit Checks: Are people driving via Eurotunnel/Ferry affected?

I am informed that the Home Office has activated a plan to implement exit checks for people leaving the UK. One way to leave the UK is to drive via the Eurotunnel to France. Another way is to take a ...
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19 votes
2 answers

Why do Eurotunnel do cheaper fares for shorter trips

Eurotunnel offer different fare rates depending on how long your trip is. For example, their cheapest is the day trip / overnight rate. Next is the short trip, and finally is the "long" stay. The ...
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Claiming compensation for late service of Eurotunnel

Yesterday I was coming back from France using the Euro Tunnel, and they had substantial delays of about 90 minutes. Hence the question: when is it possible to claim any compensation from them for the ...
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