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A narrow and very busy stretch of water between England and France that links the Atlantic Ocean to the North Sea from the south. *La Manche* in French. Includes the Strait of Dover, *Pas de Calais* in French).

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How does Flixbus get between London and mainland Europe?

I've seen many Flixbus routes between London and mainland Europe. I wonder how Flixbus gets across the English channel; is it using the train or using some ferry?
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Crossing from UK to France and back on the same day in the same car but with different drivers

I am probably going to have to lend my French-registered car to a relative for his trip to the UK. The day he returns to France I am supposed to be driving to the UK myself in the same car. Both ...
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Is the Channel Tunnel in international waters?

Is the Channel Tunnel (the railway tunnel linking Great Britain and France) dug under the seabed considered international waters, or is it always under UK or French territorial waters? EDIT: as some ...
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What is the 'common practice' when crossing English Channel (la Manche) regarding missed boats and unused returns?

Because flights during the Christmas period are very expensive (especially when multiplied x4 for the whole family) we intend to drive, take a lot of toys / clothes to be donated and have the car to ...
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How can I cross the English channel with a car?

I believe there's the Euro Tunnel as well as a number of ferry options, but which can I use to travel with a car between the UK and France, Belgium or the Netherlands? If there aren't too many ...
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Visa Issues when crossing the English Channel by Jet Ski

Inspired by this video: Jet Skiing Across the English Channel, a Canadian wants to rent a jet ski in Dover and use it to cross the channel. Travelling by jet ski opens visa issues when international ...
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