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Electric vehicles use electric motors as their primary source of propulsion. Questions using this tag should be related to traveling with or renting an electric vehicle. This may include issues related to charging, charging networks, compatible charge plugs/cables, electric vehicle rentals, special driving zones or lanes, etc.

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Any caveats in renting an electric car in Lyon?

We are going to rent a car in Lyon in August for about a week. We will live in Albertville, and are going to explore the area, including travel to neighbour countries (Geneva, maybe Turin). I see that ...
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Which EV roaming networks are important for rental EV travel in Washington, Oregon, and California?

I am going to rent an electric car in British Columbia, and take a brief road trip through Washington state (USA). Future trips might take me through Oregon and California. I do not own or use an ...
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9 votes
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EV-friendly accomodation

A somewhat similar question to this one. Is there any specific switch or filter at or AirB&B or any other booking service that would allow me to search for properties that allow me to ...
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Is it advantageous to subscribe to multiple EV charging roaming providers?

Considering the many hundreds of operators of electric charging stations in Europe, it is good that roaming providers exist (as of 2022, most charging stations do not yet allow paying with a regular ...
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Does my smartphone need NFC to pay at car charging stations in Germany and The Netherlands?

I am renting an electric car for a longer trip and figuring out how to pay for (fast) charging stations in Germany and The Netherlands. As of 2022, most charging stations do not yet allow paying for ...
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Why does the London Underground use two live rails instead of just one?

There are two contact rails in London Underground: one with 420 V DC and one with -210 V DC. Why not use 630 V and 0 V? Wouldn't it make one of the rails safe for people?
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Renting EVs on the Canaries

As Bali seems to be a bit complicated at the moment regarding entry requirements and quarantining, I've been looking for alternatives. I've come across the Canary Islands and really like the idea of ...
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How can I prepare to rent an electric car in France?

Planning to rent a car for an upcoming trip to the Normandy countryside, driving from Charles de Gaulle airport, and I've come across a number of electric rentals. I have an EV in the US and the idea ...
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