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The region of Asia generally considered to include China, Hong Kong, and Macao; Mongolia and Taiwan; North and South Korea; and Japan.

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Possible to play badminton temporarily as a foreigner in East Asian countries during 2021?

I am from Germany and I am wondering about any possibilities to do any kind of Badminton vacation anywhere in Asia during (the first half) of this year. I am saying Asia, because I am assuming that ...
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How to know which East Asian country accepts tourists who resided in Thailand since the Covid-19 pandemic started?

I hold Israeli citizenship and passport and I am currently residing in Bangkok for nearly two years already - I haven't visited Israel since I came here. I don't hold Israeli residency status (i.e I ...
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Can immigration officers in airports make exceptions for citizens of a Covid-19-struck state who are not resident there?

I hold Israeli citizenship and passport and I am currently residing in Bangkok; I reside here nearly two years already - I didn't visit Israel since I came here. I don't hold Israeli residency status (...
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Do many Japanese people speak Korean?

I'd like to go to Japan but I can't speak Japanese. But I'm fluent in Korean. I know that many Korean people can speak Japanese, but can Japanese people also speak Korean?
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North Korean themed theme parks

Are there any theme parks themed on modern-day North Korea, akin to Stalinworld, located in Japan, South Korea, or Mongolia? I know that going on a government-run guided tour of North Korea is pretty ...
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Are there budget repositioning cruises from anywhere in East or Southeast Asia to Australia later in 2017? [closed]

Apparently not all repositionings of cruise ships are cruises and not all repositioning cruises are at budget travel prices, by which I mean a comparable price to a flight on a LCC airline. But I ...
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As a US citizen, can I stay in South Korea past the expiration of my student visa, using the 90 days that I'm normally allowed to stay visa-free? [closed]

I am a US citizen with a US passport. I will be studying abroad in Seoul later in the year and I am required to apply for a D-2 student visa for my program. My study abroad program will last for ...
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Direct flights between SE/E Asia and South America

Flights between South America and East Asia are very time consuming and expensive; they generally require a connection in Europe or North America, numerous connections, and long layovers. Every year ...
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Which cities are connected by direct flights between Mexico and Asia?

Please include the airlines. I'm only interested in direct flights. In particular no flight may be via USA. Any country in East Asia and Southeast Asia is OK. I'll have a Chinese visa and can enter ...
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Last minute / standby air travel options in Asia?

I've seen a few questions about 'staff standby' tickets - where you get a cheap ticket with 'low priority' - eg, if there's an empty seat, you can fly. I call it "staff standby" because the ...
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Which (South) East-Asian contries are the cleanest? [closed]

I had been in Thailand recently and I was negatively surprised with how dirty the country is. Garbage was everywhere - along the roads, in the temples and museums, even in the sea. I expected the ...
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Changing yen to won in Japan vs. Korea

Is it better to change yen to won in Japan or Korea? We are about to move from Japan to Korea and just want to get the best rate.
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What are the cheapest ways to get from East Asia to Australia?

I have a return ticket that gets me from Turkey to Korea to Australia but it cannot be extended beyond the end of May. I'm thinking of forfeiting or refunding some leg(s) of my ticket but as my ...
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