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Questions tagged [e-cigarettes]

Electronic devices for vaporizing nicotine and other liquids without combustion.

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E-cig (and especially Liquid bottles) in hand luggage on a flight from Zurich to Madrid

I will be flying from Zurich to Madrid next weekend and I am not sure if e-cig and some liquid bottles are allowed in my hand luggage. I only have hand luggage for pricing reasons. If liquid bottles ...
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Is it legal to vape e-cigarettes in trains operated by Indian Railways?

I remember smoking was a punishable offence in Indian Railway's trains - but is vaping e-cigarettes legal while travelling in a train in India?
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Can you use vapes/e-cigs in Seattle airport or on a flight?

I'm a smoker, and I'm sure as many smokers know its hard to sometimes go along time without having one. I'm going to Seattle airport then from Seattle I stop in San Francisco and then from San ...
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Can e-cigarettes / vaping set off smoke detectors?

I work in a backpacker hostel in Australia. Of course smoking is not allowed inside the building and there are smoke detectors in every room and corridor. By law in Australia the smoke detectors in ...
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e-cig on board 18 hour flight [duplicate]

Anyone know if I can bring my e-cig on an international flight to Australia? If there is no "smoke" and only vapor what's to stop me from taking a drag while in the lavatory? The smoke detector won'...
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Are there any airlines that allow electronic cigarettes?

Unfortunately, I am a smoker.In the 20th century things were easier and many airlines allowed smoking onboard which is almost impossible now. Anyway the electronic cigarettes were introduced a few ...
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