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Questions tagged [dutch-residents]

People ordinarily residing in The Netherlands, whether or not nationals of the country.

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Do I need a UK transit visa travelling from the Netherlands to India [duplicate]

I am an Indian and have a Netherlands Type-1 residence permit. I am travelling from Amsterdam to New Delhi and will be transiting in LHR. Do I need a transit visa? In the exemptions it says if you ...
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Do I a need a DATV for arrival and departure at LHR by same airline same terminal same day? [duplicate]

I am an Indian and have residence permit in Netherlands. I am planning to a book a flight with British Airways from Amsterdam to Bangalore via London Heathrow. I will have a layover of approx 2 hours ...
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15 votes
5 answers

Can I enter the US under the VWP as a Dutch and Iranian national?

I am resident in the Netherlands and have not been in Iran for 5 years. I have a Dutch passport and an Iranian passport. I plan on travelling using the Dutch passport. Will I be allowed to enter ...
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Transit at Riyadh International airport [duplicate]

I am Indian national and hold Dutch residence permit, travelling from the Netherlands via Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) to India. My ticket shows self transfer (baggage claim & re-check in) at Riyadh. I ...
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How easy is it to obtain a visa on arrival for Ghana?

Although I am an EU national currently (Italian) staying in another EU state (Netherlands), I am having some difficulty obtaining a visa for Ghana (because I am staying here temporarily, and have not ...
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Is the official UK website for transit visa requirements safe to follow? [duplicate]

I have an Indian passport and a European residence permit card. I was travelling from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi with a 2 hours transit time in London Heathrow without any change of airport. I was however ...
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Does an Indian passport holder with a Netherlands Resident Card need a UK transit visa? [duplicate]

I am travelling from India to Amsterdam with a layover at London, where I have to change airports from Heathrow to Gatwick. Do I require a transit visa? I have a Dutch residence permit which is valid ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Russian with Netherlands residency; is a visa needed for UK holiday? [duplicate]

My partner is Russian with a Russian passport, but has a Netherlands residence permit and has lived in the Netherlands for over 7 years. What is required for her to enter the UK? Other info which ...
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As an EU national, what is the easiest way to obtain a driving license? [closed]

I am a British national with residency in the Netherlands and I was seeking the easiest route to obtain a driving license. I am already quite a seasoned driver, practising weekly on my provisional ...
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Indian citizen travelling to Belize

I am an Indian citizen resident in the Netherlands on a student residence permit. I wish to travel to Belize for a party. I understand I need a clearence, but do I need a visa for Belize or am I ...
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Can I enter the UK with a temporary EU Spouse sticker, if my passport is full?

I'm a US citizen and permanent resident of the Netherlands, and my wife and I have plans to visit the UK over the Christmas holiday. I just discovered that my passport is full, with no room to stamp ...
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1 vote
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Transit visa for UK if on Dutch residency permit [duplicate]

I am a South African living in the Netherlands on a residence permit. My husband is Dutch, and we are going on holiday to South Africa. I have a flight booked back from South Africa to Amsterdam, via ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Can I return to the Netherlands without passport (but with Dutch residence permit)?

I am non-EU citizen and I have a Dutch residence permit. I am planning on flying to the Barbados. I have to go to the Barbados Embassy at Brussels, Belgium, for visa application and I have to submit ...
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Flying from a German airport to an African country with a Dutch residence permit?

I am a non-EU citizen but I hold a Dutch residence permit which allows me to travel within the Schengen area. However, I am planning to fly from Hamburg (Germany) to Ghana, with my Dutch permit and I ...
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