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Questions tagged [drugs]

Questions regarding chemical substances, typically used for medicinal or recreational purposes. Drugs may be legal or illegal depending on place and, where legal, may be subject to a wide variety of regulations. Do not use this tag for questions about tobacco or alcohol.

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Bringing 100 or 200 days worth of inhaler into the US

I'm intending on traveling to the US for ~85 days1 for work (with, yes, a bit of a holiday). I'm intending on using an ESTA for this. As I have a (relatively rare) long-term respiratory problem, I ...
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Send refrigerated drug to my girlfriend in UK

My girlfriend has moved to the UK for 5 months. She needs refrigerated drugs for her medical condition that we usually get in Italy. Is there any reputable service that allows sending refrigerated ...
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Is it possible to get a prescription in the United States while abroad using an online medical service?

I'm going to travel to the U.S as a tourist and I take a prescription medication that cannot be stopped, due to the complications and risk of not being allowed to get the medication into the country, ...
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Taking prescribed amphetamines to Dubai or India

Are you allowed to bring prescribed amphetamines to Dubai or India from the USA?
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Flying through Dubai to the Seychelles with vape liquid

Very shortly I am going on holiday to the Seychelles. I am flying from the UK via Fly Emirates, changing at Dubai and flying on to the Seychelles. We are staying with a family who have ordered a ...
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