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Questions tagged [dominican-citizens]

For questions specifically about people travelling with passports from the Dominican Republic.

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How can I find out if I need a transit visa travelling from Dominican Republic to Kenya?

I'm planning a trip from the Dominican Republic to Nairobi, Kenya, and I'm encountering some issues during the planning process. I need to apply for a Kenyan eVisa (eTA), which requires providing trip ...
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Do I need a visa for Paris for a 8 hour transit? [duplicate]

I am a Dominican Republic citizen, travelling from the Dominican Republic to Cairo via Paris. My connection time is 8 hours, do I need a transit visa?
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I am Dominican citizen, I am travelling to Botswana from DOH-JNB-GBE do i need a transit visa in JNB?

I am Dominican citizen, I am travelling to Botswana from DOH-JNB-GBE. Do I need a transit visa in JNB (O. R. Tambo International Airport, South Africa)?
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If someone else is paying for my trip, what documents do I need to include in my UK visa application?

I'm from the Dominican Republic, and about to apply in the DR for a UK visa. I have someone in the UK who is sponsoring me, and I have a letter from him stating what they will provide for me. I'm plan ...
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Can Dominicans with US visas visit Niagara Falls on the Canadian side?

We have friends, a married couple from the Dominican Republic, coming to the US on 30-day visas. We are US passport holders, and would like our friends to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Are they ...
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Want my girlfriend to visit me for 1-2 weeks

I am an American citizen and my girlfriend is Dominican. I would really like her to spend 1-2 weeks with me in the U.S. (I really want her to get a taste). As of now she doesn't have any kind of visa ...
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US layover as dual Dominican German citizen without visa in either passport [duplicate]

I'm a student currently living in S. Korea and I have double nationality: Dominican and German. I want to travel back to my country but through Europe is much more expensive than laying over in the US....
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Schengen visa transit in other Schengen country

I possess a Dominican passport with a legal resident US card. Planing to travel to Milan with a possible stop in a other Schengen country! If traveling from the USA into Germany Frankfort or any other ...
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