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King Fahd International Airport (DMM) is the main airport serving the cities of Dammam, Dhahran and Khobar in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

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Transit at Dammam without leaving the transit area

I am from the Czech Republic. I am looking to fly from Phuket to Muscat, Muscat to Dammam with Salam air. At Dammam I have a layover for 16 hours, to catch a flight to Vienna with Wizz Air. I will not ...
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Transit Visa at Dammam Airport, Saudi Arabia [duplicate]

I am Indian returning from Europe - Poland back to India. I have a Schengen visa. I have Wizz Air Flight from Poland - Budapest - Dammam. I have Indigo Flight from Dammam - India. Do I need a Transit ...
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Transit visa requirements for Dammam, Saudi Arabia

We have bought two separate tickets with Wizz Air, first from Abu Dhabi to Dammam followed by Dammam to Budapest. The layover is 4 hours, with no checked luggage (only carry-ons). Do we need visa for ...
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Transit Visa in Dammam (traveling from Frankfurt to Delhi)

I have already booked the flight tickets (10.12.22). The first leg of travel is Frankfurt-Dammam via Istanbul with Pegasus airlines. They however do not provide any visa assistance whatsoever. In that ...
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Minimum connecting time

I have recently booked my flight from Karachi to Jeddah via Dammam. The flight arrives at Dammam at 13:55 and leaves at 16:00. I have booked these tickets for Umrah. My question is whether the ...
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