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Don Mueang International Airport serving Bangkok, Thailand.

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1 vote
1 answer

Does a Bangladeshi citizen need a transit visa for an airport layover in Thailand?

Thai Lion Air, February 10, Monday 23.50 to 03.20 from Shanghai to DMK (Bangkok Don Mueang Int. Airport), then 19 hours transit, then February 11, 22.00 to 00.25 from DMK to Dhaka (Hazrat Shahjalal ...
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0 answers

Can Indian citizens get a transit visa on arrival at Don Mueang airport, Bangkok?

I am an Indian, going to India from Philippines. My flights are below Manila (MNL) TO Don Mueang (DMK) ( AIRASIA ZEST) Don Mueang (DMK) To Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkatta (...
2 votes
1 answer

Do I need a transit visa for my Bangkok layover?

I am an Indian passport holder traveling from Cambodia to Taiwan (Taipei) via Thailand (Don Mueang airport Bangkok). On the way there, the layover is 2 hours. Do I need a transit visa for Thailand?...
1 vote
1 answer

Transit Visa Requirement for Indian at Bangkok DMK [duplicate]

I'm from Mumbai, India and will be visiting Vietnam later this year with my wife. For the return flight, we are planning to book the flight via DMK. Below is my flight plan. Thai AirAsia Flight ...
3 votes
1 answer

Do Indian citizens need transit visa for Thailand if going through DMK?

I am traveling from Chennai to Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand, and from there to Mandalay, Myanmar. In Bangkok, the layover time is 8 hours. Do I require transit visa?
1 vote
1 answer

Do I need a transit visa for Don Mueang Airport(DMK), Bangkok [duplicate]

I am an Indian citizen travelling from Chengdu, China to Mumbai, India on Thai Lion Air. My itinerary is as follows: Flight SL933 - Chengdu(CTU) to Don Mueang(DMK) - Depart at 03:35 and arrive at 05:...
6 votes
4 answers

How to get from DMK Airport to Sathorn Road, Tungmahamek Sathorn, Bangkok?

I will be traveling from Vietnam to Thailand arriving at Don Mueang International Airport. How can I get from DMK to Sathorn Road and how much would it cost if I take a taxi?
4 votes
1 answer

Late night taxis from Don Mueang airport?

I'm looking at flights from Tokyo to Bangkok, and one of the more convenient ones unfortunately arrives at Don Mueang Airport at 00:55. Will there be taxis at the taxi stand then?