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Questions about buying and using the Deutschlandticket, a heavily-discounted ticket for use on German transport nationwide.

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Can we carry luggage on all trains covered by Deutschland ticket?

To save money I will be travelling between German states using Deutschland ticket trains rather than ICE ones. So, I would like to ask, do all of them have some baggage allowance? I want to carry ...
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Deutschlandticket for US residents

I was trying to buy a Deutschlandticket but apparently the US is not on the list of "allowed" countries of the residence. I'm a US resident, have both US & German citizenship and I have ...
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What function does the chip in a Deutschlandticket have?

The Deutschlandticket now exists in a version with an integrated chip. What function does this chip actually have?
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Where does the 20min rule (where you can use any train) come from in German passenger rights?

Where does the 20-minutes passenger rights rule come from? (In other words, the rule for free choice of train after 20 minutes delay expected at the end of your journey). This is a condition that can ...
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Deutschlandticket – when can I switch to fast ICE/IC trains?

Deutsche Bahn's FAQ on the Deutschlandticket states: Can I use an ICE/IC train with the Deutschland-Ticket if I know I will reach the destination with a considerable delay? Yes, you have the right to ...
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Deutschlandticket to Dutch border stations — how to pass the ticket gates?

The Deutschlandticket (German ticket valid on almost all local and regional transportation in Germany) is valid for travel to the Dutch border stations of Venlo, Enschede, or Arnhem (source). In The ...
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Berlin to Szczecin with 49 euros ticket

I have read that Szczecin Hbf is not covered with the 49 euros ticket. This is the route I wanted to take from Berlin: Berlin -> Angermunde (in germany) Angermunde -> Szczecin Glowny (bus RB66) ...
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Are there any (non-touristic) stations in Germany that cannot be reached by the Deutschland Ticket?

Since May 2023, the 'Deutschland ticket' has been available on subscription in Germany. This is basically a public transport pass which for 49 EUR a month gives access to a large amount of trains in ...
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SWE Train with 49 euro ticket

Can we use the 49 euro Deutschland ticket for SWE RB25 that goes from Offenburg, Germany to Strasbourg, France? The stops in between are Kork, Kehl, Krimmeria Meinau (all of them are in Germany). ...
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