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Being denied boarding on a plane or another form of travel. For questions about why boarding is denied, and claiming compensation. Tag with the appropriate transport form and compensation if appropriate.

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Requesting a copy of the US Secure Flight Overflight Table

I am currently facing a challenge with a client who is experiencing difficulties while attempting to fly out of Canada. I posted about it a few months ago here - Canadian citizen likely on a US no-fly ...
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Denied Boarding

On the 21st of November I had a connecting flight on Turkish Airlines from Lahore (Pakistan) to Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) via Istanbul amd Panama City. In Istanbul, when the Panama City ...
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Can airlines claim back denied boarding compensation+expenses from handling agents?

I've been denied boarding on 8 flights to the UK, due to most handling companies across Europe being misinformed about a specific detail of UK carrier regulations. easyJet and Jet2 have confirmed they ...
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Will I be allowed to board if my surname on my passport doesn't match with the ticket?

I have two first names (for eg: Jas Singh ) and no surname in my passport. In my ticket from Delhi to Vancouver, the last name is Singh and first name is Jas. Will I be allowed to board the flight due ...
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