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Being denied boarding on a plane or another form of travel. For questions about why boarding is denied, and claiming compensation. Tag with the appropriate transport form and compensation if appropriate.

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Was I incorrectly denied boarding due to passport extensions?

I was supposed to be travelling to Norway from the UK for work this week from Stansted Airport by RyanAir, but was denied boarding at the gate. The reason given was that my passport, which has a ...
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Denied boarding although I have proper visa and documentation. To whom should I make a complaint?

I was traveling from Germany to Ireland, with UK tourist visa. I am a Turkish citizen and I am allowed to do so. (Visa waiver programme) I checked in to the flight, and made my boarding pass signed ...
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What action can I take against Turkish airlines for denying me boarding?

I request some clarification if this applies as 'incorrectly denied boarding' by Turkish Airlines despite having a valid Schengen visa The intended travel: I was supposed to travel from Mumbai-> ...
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Was I wrongfully denied boarding for having a Schengen visa issued from the second country on my itinerary?

I have a c-type single entry Schengen visa issued from Spain. And this is my first time Schengen visa. I wanted to go to Rome first for 3 days and then to Spain for 4 days and then back to my country ...
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Requesting a copy of the US Secure Flight Overflight Table

I am currently facing a challenge with a client who is experiencing difficulties while attempting to fly out of Canada. I posted about it a few months ago here - Canadian citizen likely on a US no-fly ...
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Canadian citizen likely on a US no-fly list. How do they avoid US airspace? What are flights from Canada that don't trigger APIS requirements?

There are two questions that I have already found on the site that attempt to answer certain parts of my question (Canadian citizen, on US no-fly list. What can I do in order to be allowed on flights ...
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16 votes
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Must airlines switch to "Last Call" before closing the gate?

This morning, in an Italian international airport, I was in line to board a Ryanair flight. Since the line wasn't moving (they were probably waiting for an empty bus), I went to the toilette where ...
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Can you travel to the EU with an expiring US passport + EU identification card?

My wife is a dual citizen of the US and Hungary. She has a US passport that expires within 3 months and a Hungarian national ID card. Flight is today and there's no way she can get her US passport ...
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Responsibility for visa checking

IATA rules state that the airline should ensure that the passenger has the correct visa. If failing that, and the passenger is denied entry to the destination country, the airline is subjected to a ...
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Traveling from BRU-AUH-DEL-KTM with only hand luggage: denied boarding in BRU due to lack of Indian Transit Visa

On 11-9-23 in Brussels, Belgium (BRU), Etihad denied our boarding for flight EY58 to Abu Dhabi, UAE (AUH) (with only hand luggage), which connected to EY218 to Delhi, India (DEL) T3. From T3, we would ...
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Can airlines claim back denied boarding compensation+expenses from handling agents?

I've been denied boarding on 8 flights to the UK, due to most handling companies across Europe being misinformed about a specific detail of UK carrier regulations. easyJet and Jet2 have confirmed they ...
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What does "APPS System has denied boarding for pax" mean?

I'm trying to check in on Scoot's website for a sydney-singapore flight but it keeps telling me "APPS System has denied boarding for pax". Does anyone have any idea what that means? I do not have ...
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