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Denver International Airport (DEN) serving Denver, Colorado in USA.

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What do I need to know to make my connecting flight? First time with a layover

Airline websites seem to assume I've done this before. My extremely limited experience with flying has been direct flights. Arrive, check-in at the kiosk(s) outside the terminal. Take bags to airline ...
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Is it possible to consume marijuana within Denver International Airport?

DEN (Denver International Airport) in Colorado, USA, has a number of smoking lounges, something I've never seen in any other airport anywhere else in the United States. Since the possession and ...
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Denver airport public transport

I know there is a public bus from the Denver International Airport to the Market street. I tried to figure out the schedule, but was not able to find it. Does anyone know where I can find it? Is this ...
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5-hour layover in Denver

If one has a 5-hour layover in Denver, is there enough time to go to the city and wander around for some time? Or is there a better way to spend those 5 hours? The flight is domestic.
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2 hours from central Boulder to flight departure from Denver, feasible?

I'll soon be attending an event in Boulder that's scheduled to end at 5 PM sharp. I'm connecting to a once-daily international flight from SFO, so my choices are to either: Book an itinerary that ...
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Getting from Denver International Airport to the 16th Street Mall by public transport? [duplicate]

When I need to work out how to get from an airport to a city I'm visiting, my first port of call is normally WikiVoyage. Unfortunately, in the case of Denver, CO, the article is (currently...) a bit ...
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Denver International Airport - How to come to Level 6 after arriving for taking a Lyft?

I am traveling to Denver from London in a couple of weeks' time. As this is my first time and I am taking a Lyft (usually, my son comes to pick me up, but I plan on surprising him and my grandkids, I ...
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