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Questions tagged [democratic-republic-congo]

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, or Congo-Kinshasa, formerly Zaire, a large country in Central Africa. Not to be confused with The Republic of the Congo, for which use tag[republic-congo].

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Can I travel to France with my UK residence permit?

I would like to travel to France to visit my family, however the Greek ambassador has my Congolese passport to stamp a visa because I am going on holiday over there. But in the meantime I would like ...
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Can I get to Idjwi island from Rwanda?

Idjwi is an island located in the middle of Lake Kivu, between Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, belonging to DRC. The Idjwi Island official guide mentions Recommended Ferrys run from ...
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Transit visa for my non-EU husband

I am British and my husband is from DRC Congo. We are travelling on holiday. However we may transit through Schengen. Does my husband need a transit visa as he is my husband? I understand if you are ...
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Can I enter the Netherlands with a refugee travel document or do I need a visa?

I'm a refugee holding a travel document issued by South Africa, I'm Congolese from Democratic Republic of the Congo. I want to visit Amsterdam; do I need a visa ?
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I renewed my passport and my visa is on my old passport. Will this create problems with Immigration?

My old passport has a 2-year validity visa for DR Congo expiring on 04.06.2016. It has only two blank pages remaining, so my boss told me to obtain a new passport, which I did. Presently I am on ...
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Is there any way to travel from Cameroon to Kinshasa by land?

Last year I did a road trip from Dar es Salaam to Johannesburg wondering if I can still do this same trip from Cameroon to Kinshasa Congo. I don't want to cross any river using any canoe or what so ...
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How to travel from Kitwe in Zambia to Kabale in Uganda through the DRC

Has anyone recently traveled in the eastern DRC, the Democratic Republic of the Congo? I'm considering moving south to north, from, roughly, Lubumbashi to the border with Uganda. However, it currently ...
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