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Day counting occurs when an individual has a time restriction on their visa. Day counting is also enforced for people who do not need a visa. Each country (or regime) that provides tourist visas will have their own day counting methodology.

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Can I add my remaining Schengen days to my new 90 days? [duplicate]

I left the Schengen in June after staying 88 days. My 90 days outside the Schengen finishes next month. My question is, the 2 days I have left from the last 180 day period - can I add these together ...
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Does a 14 day visa for Dubai start on date of issue or date of arrival?

I just got a Dubai visa but I am confused. The visa was issued on the 3rd of February and expires on the 16th of February. I am travelling on the 12th of February. Does the 14 days visa start reading ...
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15 days duration of stay schengen visa? [duplicate]

I got a Schengen visa from french embassy date: from 7th February /2019 until 8th March /2019 with 15 days duration of stay my travel plan will be as following : i will arrive in Paris on the 23rd of ...
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How to calculate the number of days one can stay in the Schengen area?

Valid for: Schengenstater (Issued by Sweden) valid From: 26-09-16 to 16-10-16 Type of Visa: C Number of Entries: 1 Duration of Stay: 6 days 1st entry in Greece on 10-10-16 and exit on 13-10-16 2nd ...
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