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For questions specifically about people travelling with Danish passports.

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Do I need an Airport Transit Visa? (Copenhagen to Exeter via London and Dublin) [duplicate]

I'm traveling to Exeter from Copenhagen via London (Southend) and Dublin (I have no idea why the airplane is landing in Ireland). I am a Danish citizen with a Danish Passport and all. Question is, ...
11 votes
2 answers

Flying to Wien, Austria from Denmark, legal with only temporary passport?

I will be traveling to Wien, Austria at the end of next month, taking a flight from Denmark. Unfortunately, my local municipality are unable to provide me with a new passport in time (my old one had ...
6 votes
1 answer

Can Danish citizens enter the UK on a temporary passport?

My sister and her boyfriend plan to celebrate New Year's in London (UK) and have ordered plane tickets for the 27th. Both are Danish citizens. My sister isn't used to traveling, so she didn't think ...
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Leaving Riga airport at intermediate stop

If I book a flight from St. Petersburg (Leningrad)(LED) - Riga(RIX) and Riga(RIX) - Copenhagen(CPH) all Air Baltic, and I have 7 hours to wait in Riga, can I then leave the airport for a city trip ...
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1 answer

US VWP when going to Canada

I'm going on an almost 6 months trip to the US and Canada. As a Danish citizen I can use the Visa Waiver Program to stay for up to 90 days in the US. I will start my journey in California and leave ...
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Travel in the US on J-1 Visa and ESTA [duplicate]

Regarding travelling in and out of the US. I am on a J-1 visa and wish to go to The Bahamas in my grace period. If I want to return to the US after The Bahamas I know that I cannot enter on my visa ...