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Questions about luggage including hand luggage damaged by airlines or other handlers, or just broken bags and suitcases generally.

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Damaged luggage compansation -Air China

My suitcase was delayed at Dalian Airport (China), I went to the Air China customer center and filled out the form at the airport "confirmation of passenger baggage information". They told ...
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Luggage Transfer Service damaged luggage

A friend of mine recently travelled on the Camino de Santiago in Spain and used a luggage transfer service to move their suitcase from one town to the next. On the penultimate leg of the journey, the ...
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Sketchy offers from Lufthansa damaged luggage handler Dolfi1920

I filed a damaged luggage claim after a Lufthansa flight, and they redirected me to a sketchy-looking subcontractor called Dolfi1920. After a couple of e-mails, the subcontractor informed me that I am ...
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Your experience with the "soft - yet - wheeled" type of checked luggage? [closed]

I have to take a few long flights so I thought I would try the "soft - yet - wheeled" type as checked luggage. That one is "small suitcase" sized. "Large suitcase sized"...
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How to fix a stuck and/or corroded backpack zipper?

This has happened to me at least half a dozen times before but I never found a really great solution so this time when it happened I thought to ask here. If I've stayed in one place for a while or ...
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Huge delay with processing compensation for damaged luggage

Over 4 months ago I had a multi-flight trip offered by Qatar, with the last stage operated by LATAM. Receiving my luggage, I noticed that my suitcase had a broken handle. I immediately filed a ...
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There is tear in my nylon luggage as in the picture. How would you repair this?

There is a small tear in the corner of my nylon luggage. How should I patch it up? Can i use super glue to glue it? Besides the tear, everything else functions perfectly so I don't want to create more ...
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Monitor in Checked Luggage - Damage by Vibration/Shaking? [duplicate]

I'm about to travel with a 27" Monitor in it's original packing. I don't have any fears of it hitting another hard object and breaking that way, but I wonder if it can be damaged "by its own ...
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Considerations for very fragile and expensive (> $100,000) items in carry-on luggage

Background: I am a part of a university student team building a CubeSat due to be launched this September. Around mid-June, we will need to transport the CubeSat from its current location in Ohio to ...
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Shipping tag on suitcase vs. on handle

The shipping company in Japan broke my luggage handle so when I checked my bags, there was no place to put the tag that says which airport it needs to go to. They put the sticker on side of my ...
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How can luggage get lost and never recovered if it still has a bag tag?

I lost a bag on a flight from BKK -> ARN -> CPH two weeks ago. I immediately filed a report at CPH when the bag hadn't arrived after more than an hour of waiting. Since then there has been no updates ...
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trolleys with exchangeable wheels [closed]

Hello dear travel community! I guess this is a common question around here, as I am almost certain traveling experts are generally looking specifically for what I am seeking after. Both my parter's ...
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Ensuring duffel bag handles aren't caught in a conveyor belt

This website reads: Don’t Leave Any Loose Ends Be sure all of the compartments and pockets on your bag are securely zipped and fastened, and don’t leave anything hanging outside of it, such as shoes ...
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What happens if a bag accidentally opens while being loaded on a plane?

Imagine that my bag is not well closed or simply old, and breaks and spills its contents while being loaded on or off the plane (or a container). What do they do with it? Do they pick everything up ...
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Broken baggage form

One of my baggage wheel was broken during a trip between GVA Geneva and LAS Las Vegas some days ago. One of its four wheels was ripped of and there was a hole in the hard-case. My flight was a two-...
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Refund for damaged luggage

After a flight with Easyjet (EDR-MXP), my suitcase was damaged, but since I had to catch the last bus available (it was midnight), I did not file a complaint at the airport. Instead, I filed the ...
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Emirates damage claim reply with Montreal Convention 1999 excuse

My family flew from Mumbai to Houston with Emirates. When they arrived in Houston, 2 bags missed 2 wheels out of 4, and I was not able to pull them and had to lift and put them in my car trunk. I ...
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An airline company asked another passenger to open my bag and threw away something

2 weeks ago, I took a domestic flight from Ulaanbaatar with Hunnu Airlines. During the checking-in of my luggage, they made a mistake and marked it as belonging to the passenger beside me. When we ...
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Damaged luggage compensation

We used Emirates for our travel and the airline delayed the luggage (delivered the next day at our residence) but delivered it in a severely damaged condition. They are offering compensation which is ...
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Is baggage wrap a waste of money? [closed]

My checked bag(s) have been opened on every flight from/to USA and on some others. So I would think plastic wrap would be a waste of money. Especially if it increases the probability of inspection ("...
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DHL damaged luggage, requests exact spare part price, but I can't find spare parts for the brand. What can I do?

I needed to travel inside of Germany, with large amount of luggage. Since DB only allows amount of luggage which one person can handle, I sent the rest of it using DHL luggage service. It so ...
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Can a (slightly) damaged suitcase be used as checked luggage?

I have a suitcase which was damaged on a previous flight, the top handle was ripped off. There is no "structural damage", the handle base is still there. Will I have issues when checking in the case ...
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Damaged Luggage on Vueling Flight, how can I proceed?

I flight to Italy last Friday and my (Primicia/Branded) luggage was damaged, it costs around 180EUR (R$600). So I walked immediately to Vueling desk and opened a complain, they give me a report and ...
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Is the possibility of a cabin sized trolley bag being damaged when checked in high?

I have with me a cabin sized trolley bag which will contain some razors, knifes, scissors, chocolates and some dresses. So obviously I cannot take these with me as cabin luggage on Lufthansa as per ...
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Luggage damage - It's been 3 months and I haven't heard anything! [closed]

My suitcase and most of it's contents were broken and battered in a recent flight, I filed this with the airline (Air China for those wondering..) but have yet to receive any official response. I've ...
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Claiming for Damage Baggage by US TSA

Travelling from Jamaica to France, my friend locked her suitcase. Upon her arrival back in France she discovered her suitcase was destroyed. The TSA had not only opened it, but ripped the zipper off ...
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Are airlines not liable for damages and losses to the contents of luggage?

When picking up my bag from baggage claim at SXF, I realized that it's upside down. The ID sticker was on the bottom, and inside it was a mess. At home, I found one item broken, a marmalade glass: ...
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Can checked baggage on airplanes ever get wet?

I'm considering sending some pieces of checked baggage being cardboard boxes rather than suitcases (on an international flight). Is there a real chance my boxes might get wet? Assume heavy rain both ...
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The screen on my laptop I checked in has stopped working. Could I claim something? [closed]

The touch screen on my new laptop has stopped working after I checked it in at Baltimore, MD. I was travelling with British Airways. Can I claim any compensation?
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Can a rip on a suitcase be repaired with iron-on patches?

While packing, I noticed a small tear (around 5cm) on the side of my suitcase. It's only in the outer lining, but I'm worried it could grow during (mis)handling. Getting a new one at this point would ...
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How to protect glass and ceramic items for air travel?

I have got some glass stuff that I need to transport, and it seems that the only way to go is by plane. How well does it need to be wrapped? Is the chance that it will survive at least 90%? (The ...
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Appropiate way to safely transportate heavy laptop during flight? [duplicate]

I flew a long range flight carrying my laptop, a quite heavy one, inside a neoprene briefcase on the passenger cabin. The recommendation by the aircrew is to place them in the compartments above or ...
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Airline broke my bag but require a receipt to compensate from authorized company

I flew from Istanbul to JFK with Turkish airline a week ago and my bag came out missing a handle. I quickly went to the counter to claim the damage. The airline gave me an email for me to send all the ...
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How to dispose of a broken suitcase at an airport?

Recently I had to catch a flight from New Delhi to Frankfurt. On arriving at the airport, I realized that my suitcase was broken at the bottom near the wheels. Probably due to its rough handling ...
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Are customs liable if they break something doing their job?

I watched a reality show on the Australian border controle where they destroyed an object in a mail package and found drugs. The destruction wasn't really subtle, you couldn't use the object ...
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How do I prevent damage to electronic devices at airport security?

I have travelled with a laptop before with no problems (not recently), but for an upcoming trip I will, for the first time, be carrying a smartphone and a Kindle (not the Fire but the older e-ink type)...
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What is more effective seeking luggage damage compensation from the aiport or airline?

We found air luggage to be damaged after a flight and reported the damage right at the airport. The airport then advised us to seek damage compensation from the airline as this would go more smoothly ...
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