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An island group in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece comprised about 220 islands.

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What are my food supply options sailing the Cyclades?

We are going on a two week sailing trip through the Cyclades, and I was told that we have to stow all the foodstuff we will need for those two weeks on depature, at Lavrio, because "there are no shops ...
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Is it normal that people in front of the bar demanding keys to my car?

While I was visiting Mykonos (a Greek island), I've rented the car for few days. I've visited many places across the island, however I've experienced unusual situation with few of them (such as ...
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Does Mykonos have nightlife in September?

I'm planning to go to Mykonos (Greece) in September, I've read that it is "post-season", are there still any parties or it is often empty/more familiar on those days?
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Is it possible to rent a kayak at Paros without guide?

I try to find out the websites that offer kayak renting at Paros (Greek island). However it seems to me that all the companies offer only guided tours on kayaks and me and my friend would prefer to do ...
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