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For questions specifically about people travelling with Croatian passports.

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Canadian / Croatian travelling to India [duplicate]

I am meant to be travelling to India in December for a wedding. The Indian government is currently not issuing tourist visas to Canadians. I am a dual passport holder and will be travelling to / from ...
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US B2 visa was denied

I am a 20 year old student. I was born and have lived in Croatia for 16 years, then I moved to Germany with my mother and started studying here. I have a legitimate record of attending school and ...
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Transit Visa request from Kuwait to Croatia with passport less than 6 month to go

I need to apply through my agent for visa to travel from Kuwait to Croatia in the beginning of September. My intention is to apply on Sunday 26th. I have signed on the vessel permanently located in ...
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Can I enter Romania with an ID card?

My girlfriend and I (we are Croatian citizens) are going to visit Bucharest, Romania and we plan to stay there for 1 week. We will be traveling from Croatia to Budapest, Hungary first and from there ...
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Traveling through Europe as a minor

So I'm a 15 year old teenager who moved to Germany like 6 months ago (with my family of course) and I was wondering if I could travel alone back to my hometown in Croatia for a few days with a bus ...
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Croatian visiting USA

What are the steps required for a Croatian to gain a tourist visa for USA? I really want to visit San Francisco and Los Angeles by December this year and I have no clue what to do or where to start.
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Travel to the USA on business purpose accompanied by my cousin

I will travel to New York for business and I would like to take my cousin with me on this trip. We plan to stay over the weekend and I would like to use that time between my business meetings to do ...
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Technical stop USA transit visa

I´m travelling to New Zealand from Croatia and my route mentions technical stop in Los Angeles. Do I need transit visa for U.S.A.?
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