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Questions related to Brussels South Charleroi Airport in Belgium.

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A decent over night sleep at Brussels Charleroi Airport

Is it possible to arrive at night and sleep for a couple of hours inside the Brussels Charleroi Airport before taking an early flight? If so, are there any decent places to sleep/rest?
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Cheapest ways to get from Charleroi to Brussels Midi?

I'm thinking of going to FOSDEM (last weekend in January) and my cheapest plane connection is by the Charleroi airport. It seems that I would pay just about the price of plane tickets again for the ...
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How can I cheaply travel from Brussels South Charleroi Airport to Bruges?

How can I cheaply travel from "Brussels South Charleroi Airport" to Bruges? I think the cheapest method would be to take a train. I just don't know where the nearest train station is and how I can get ...
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How to travel cheaply between Charleroi Airport and Brussels? [duplicate]

There's a shuttle bus from Charleroi airport to Brussels, but if you book it a couple of days before it costs 15 euros plus 3 euros booking. A train could be a lot cheaper but it's unclear how to get ...
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Reaching Spa from Charleroi/other aiport

How would you suggest reaching Spa (Belgium) from the Charleroi airport? I haven't found any shuttle option below 150 EUR, which is quite expensive. Is there a reasonably fast train connection? I was ...
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