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IATA code for Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup.

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Copenhagen Airport -- International to Schengen connection?

I am flying into CPH from Singapore arriving in Terminal 3 at 7:10am and will be changing to a Norwegian Air flight to Oslo that departs at 9:20am from Terminal 2. I realise that I will need to go ...
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Can I check in for connecting flight in Copenhagen CPH without leaving terminal?

I have upcoming flights with short (1 hour) connection in CPH. They are booked as single trip through Kiwi, but are unrelated flights from airlines’ point of view: UIA flight in from Kiev KBP (non–...
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Is 45 min enough time to catch my next flight in Copenhagen?

I am flying from the US to Warsaw. I go thru Copenhagen and they only allow 45 min from one flight to the next can I make it. I will have 1 checked bag and a backpack.
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Taking a train at Copenhagen airport

I'm travelling to Växjö on 1st of November, arriving to Copenhagen airport in Denmark and then taking a train to my final destination in Sweden. I am a person with restricted mobility so I'm having a ...
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Transiting through CPH

I arrive CPH from the US via LHR on British Air, Terminal 2, at 17:30. I then depart CPH on a separate itinerary on Adria Air, 20:30, also Terminal 2. I will only have carry-on baggage. Can I go ...
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Getting taxis in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen [closed]

Would like to know how to ensure a cab right at the airports of all Scandinavian nations. What currency is accepted by the drivers in cash in all 4 capitals? Thanks.
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Arriving in Copenhagen and going to Malmø

We are arriving in Copenhagen from the USA, at 5 pm and want to go directly to Malmø, Sweden. Is there a train from the airport or do we have to go to the Central station first?
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Flying in and out of Copenhagen. Do I need to go through security?

I will soon be travelling into Copenhagen from London, then from Copenhagen to Sorvagur (Faroe Islands) two hours after landing. I will have no checked-in baggage. The two flights are operated by ...
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Train tickets from Copenhagen airport to Aarhus, delayed flights and how to get seats and wifi

I will be traveling from Copenhagen airport to Aarhus by train. I would like to make sure I get seats and also access to the wifi. So I have two questions: If I book the tickets/seats online and the ...
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Finding the train station at Copenhagen airport

My son is traveling for the first time by plane, although he is 24 years old. He will travel by plane from Zagreb to Copenhagen (on 28.2.) and he has to take a train to Odense. I'm wondering is it ...
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Schengen Area Transit [duplicate]

I will be flying to Istanbul from Miami and I have a connection flight in Copenhagen. The flight from Miami to Copenhagen and Copenhagen to Istanbul are not operated by the same airline so I have to ...
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Can I use the SAS lounge after the flight?

I will have to wait at Copenhagen airport for almost three hours for a connecting train, after arriving on SAS. Fortunately, I am a frequent traveller, and I normally have access to the lounge. Would ...
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Long layover at Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

I potentially might have a long layover (8:30 p.m to 7:00 a.m.) in November at CPH (Terminal 2). I would like to explore my options as to what I can do that night. If I can get a shower and places to ...
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Transferring in Copenhagen

This January I'm headed to Italy to study, and I will be transferring through Copenhagen. I wasn't thinking when I booked my tickets about having to potentially recheck luggage at the airport. Now I'm ...
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I am a Moroccan citizen travelling from USA to Morocco, and I have a layover in Denmark for three hours, do i need a visa to transit [duplicate]

I am a Moroccan citizen, I was in USA as tourist, and I plan to go back to Morocco through Norwegian airways, I have a layover for three hours in Copenhagen, do I need a visa??
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Connecting from Terminal 3 to 1 at Copenhagen CPH

US citizen traveling into Copenhagen, arriving Terminal 3 at 13:00 and need to connect to a domestic flight at Terminal 1 at 14:45. Any suggestions on fastest way between terminals? Will walking be ...
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Is there any plastic wrapping service in Copenhagen airport?

Do you know if there's any plastic wrap service in Copenhagen airport ?
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How to get from Copenhagen airport to Odense (Denmark)? [duplicate]

I'm flying into CPH (Copenhagen Airport) and then need to get to Odense, Denmark via train. How do I navigate through CPH (Copenhagen Airport)to the central station to get the right train to Odense?
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Luggage shipping service within Copenhagen Kastrup airport

I am planning to fly to Copenhagen Kastrup airport in Denmark with 2 large suitcases. (Maybe I should say "huge and heavy"). So it'd be very tiring to carry these by myself to my hotel. I was ...
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Bicycle rental near Kastrup Airport, Denmark?

I plant to bicycle from Kastrup Airport (CPH) into Copenhagen itself. Does anyone know of a bicycle rental near to the airport?
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Plane-train interchange time in Copenhagen

I'm planning to fly into Copenhagen (Kastrup airport) on an early morning flight, taking a train to a business meeting, and fly back in the evening. My schedule will be tight, so I'd like to know what ...
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