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Questions tagged [covid-19]

Questions about the outbreak of Covid-19 disease, the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and related travel restrictions, border closures, ticket cancellations and other difficulties.

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Is refund possible if I cannot take a (just rebooked) flight because of coronavirus bans? [duplicate]

My wife had a return flight ticket from Seoul to Barcelona via Istanbul at Turkish Airlines for March 6th. We received a mail today (March 2nd) saying please call our Call Center. We called and they ...
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Moving to Japan in a few weeks - should we worry? [closed]

My wife and I are moving to Tokyo, Japan towards the end of March 2020, from Europe. We have our new jobs lined up, we've handed in our notice on our jobs and apartment, and have a temporary place to ...
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Is traveling to Italy safe during the COVID-19 outbreak?

We're traveling to Roma this Monday and we're kinda scared with what is happening in the North of Italy with the coronavirus. A lot of news on the internet say that it's not advised but I feel like ...
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What are the current travel restrictions in Vietnam?

I am planning to travel to Hanoi from Tokyo in the beginning of April for a couple of days. But news websites like this mention that travellers from Japan and South Korea will be quarantined on entry ...
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What is going to happen to me in Doha or Vienna Airport given the Coronavirus situation?

I live in Iran and I have bought this Qatar Airways flight from Tehran (Iran) to Vienna for February 29. As far as I know, to this moment the flight is not cancelled for health concerns regarding ...
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Turkish airline Tehran to Chicago flight status

My mother is coming from Tehran to Chicago (layover at Istanbul) via Turkish Airlines in mid-April. I saw on the news that Turkey is closing its border with Iran due to Coronavirus. I called Turkish ...
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How can I reach Alitalia customer service?

Due to this recent situation with the coronavirus I need to cancel my plane ticket which I bought over alitalia website and want to see my refund options. I'm having problems reaching their customer ...
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Compensation for Turkish Airlines' cancelling flight due to Corona?

Turkish Airlines just cancelled my flight (Isfahan-Vienna) one week before my travel date, due to health concerns about Corona. They actually cancelled all flights from Iran. They told me my flight ...
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COVID-19 - should I cancel our trip to Japan? [closed]

We planned a 3-week trip to Japan in March, but because of the recent increase in infections over there, we started to wonder if it wouldn't be smarter to cancel. This is our travel plan: 06-03-2020:...
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What would happen if an airport would be closed days before returning flight?

Me and and my family are traveling to Italy this weekend for a skiing trip by car, but I am planning to take a returning flight from Milan Malpensa airport. Can an airport be shut down due to a ...
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Will a Feb 2nd transit in Shanghai prevent US entry in April? [closed]

I am a Canadian passport holder,would I be allowed to enter US since my passport has China stamp from Feb 2, 2020. I had a flight that transited in Shanghai. And this April 2020 I have travel plan to ...
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Going on holiday from an airport with mild temperature, can airport security detect this and think it is Coronavirus?

I am going on holiday very soon and I have a mild temperature, I feel quite well and in my honest opinion, I am fit to travel. I will take my medication with me etc. I also look quite well. I have a ...
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Where can we find frequently updated details about travel/entry restrictions due to Coronavirus (nCoV-19)?

Due to the outbreak of nCoV-19 (Novel Coronavirus) many Countries have imposed several entry restrictions. But these are quite confusing for a lot of people. Some countries allow transit through parts ...
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2 answers

Going to Mexico and back to the US with a Chinese citizen

I am American and my girlfriend is a Chinese citizen who lives in the US. However, we were both in China in December and January (leaving on January 2nd, 2020) in areas that were unaffected by COVID-...
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Travelling by plane with a stop in China - will I be quarantined?

I am going to Japan from Western Europe in March (by plane). I have a stop in Shanghai (~2h. long so I'll stay in airport). Due to the Coronavirus related protective measures, will I be quarantined ...
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Can I travel to Thailand using a non-immigrant visa even though the purpose of the event is cancelled?

I am from Bangladesh. I recently applied for a non-immigrant type visa for entering Thailand for WordCamp Asia 2020 event. However, the event was cancelled recently for coronavirus outbreak. Since my ...
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What to look for from insurance policies to cover a trip cancelled if my itinerary includes a city hit by the coronavirus?

From this related question/answer, I understand that if a flight is cancelled because the destination city is unfit for travel due to an epidemic, the airline itself should refund the price of the air ...
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Concerned about starting graduate school in Hong Kong

I am an international student, supposed to start graduate studies this Fall in Hong Kong, mid August onwards. With the ongoing 2019 novel-CoV (Corona Virus) crisis in Hong Kong, I am getting concerned ...
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KLM canceled a flight from China back to Europe that we had already requested a refund for. Are we entitled to compensation or just refund?

Due to the coronavirus KLM canceled all flights from China about a week ago. Naturally we are entitled to a full refund. According to European Union air passenger rights, passengers are also entitled ...
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Flight Germany to China operated by Chinese airline, still cancelled?

I have booked flight KLM 4303 from Frankfurt to Beijing. All KLM flights to Beijing have been suspended until 15 March 2020. But on my online ticket it says that my flight is operated by China ...
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Documents to show a Chinese citizen hasn't been in China during nCoV

My wife is a Chinese national. She hasn't been back to China for almost a year now. Saint Lucia typically has visa-free access for Chinese citizens. We have lived in England together for ~5 years and ...
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Is there a possibility I will get sent back from South Korea once I arrive after being in Wuhan December 2019?

On what grounds will a tourist be sent back from South Korea? Especially in the midst of the coronavirus 2019-nCoV? I’ve returned to Indonesia from China at the end of December, and have not shown any ...
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Does the U.S. novel coronavirus ban affect those who've been to areas claimed by China but administered by India? [closed]

Per What are the current travel restrictions on individuals entering the United States from regions affected by novel coronavirus? (emphasis added): The 14-day rule does not apply the Special ...
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Does the USA Coronavirus 2019-nCoV travel ban in China include Taiwan? [duplicate]

I plan on traveling to Taiwan soon. Trying to understand the scope of the travel ban. Flights have not been cancelled.
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27 votes
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What are the current travel restrictions on individuals entering the United States from regions affected by Covid-19?

This community wiki explains the current restrictions by the United States of America on the entry of individuals who may pose a risk of transmission of the SARS-Cov2, the virus which causes the Covid-...
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Air Korea rebooking options after Wuhan coronavirus outbreak [closed]

I have a trip planned for Singapore that is currently booked with China Eastern (JFK-PVG-SIN) for early March and hsa a very high chance of ultimately being cancelled given present conditions of ...
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Will I get a refund if I book a flight to China and it's cancelled because of the Coronavirus?

I'm supposed to be travelling to China in late April and I'm happy to do so but wonder if the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV continues it's path of destruction and further lock downs and cancellations occur, ...
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What happens to passengers who are identified as having a fever when entering the US? [closed]

Let's say one is flying into SFO tomorrow from China and encounters one of the thermal scanners as they leave the aircraft. This passenger has a fever, which may or may not be caused by the Wuhan ...
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Coronavirus affected co-passenger; what to do?

I am flying this week from Munich to London, and Bavaria just got the first contaminated person, who now has the Coronavirus 2019-nCoV after interacting with Chinese colleague. Two cases of the novel ...
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