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Questions tagged [covid-19]

Questions about the outbreak of Covid-19 disease, the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and related travel restrictions, border closures, ticket cancellations and other difficulties.

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Online travel agency does not answer my messages about refunding my cancelled flights

I booked quite a few flights in 2020 that got cancelled because of the travel restrictions of the pandemic. The travel agency (quite a known one on the internet) had two options for the refund: ...
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Can I file for B2 extension online?

I have to leave the US by January 13. I received a positive Covid test result today (January 9) so I won't be able to board the plane. I attempted to file an extension online with the USCIS website, ...
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Filing mother's B2 visa extension - Do I need to mention myself as Preparer & Interpreter mandatorily?

Mother's B2 visa stay expiring 17-May-20. Need to file extension. Started filling online I-539 on USCIS portal, have few questions: Do I need to mandatorily mention my name/details, if I am preparing ...
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TransferWise account and cancellation of hotel because of COVID-19

Due to the on going Coronavirus outbreak, there has recently been a state of emergency declared in Czechia meaning my partner can't travel and, for this reason, I emailed a hotel I had booked in the ...
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Advice about about staying in South Africa

I have been in Cape Town on an extended visa for 14 months now (visa extensions were automatic due to the pandemic) the government's last extension expires on 31st March. Do I have the option to ...
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Sleeping in Sardinia

Is it allowed to sleep outside (with a tent or just in a sleeping bag; not in the car) in Sardinia? Especially due covid rules, which require registration before travelling where it requires address ...
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Can I get a cash refund from British Airways after applying for a voucher?

I booked my flight back in January with BA, the flight got cancelled in March due to Covid19. Many people have fallen into the trap they had on the website, where you try to get a cash refund and ...
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What to do when airline does not update you regarding refunds?

Back in February I cancelled a flight I booked with AirChina and asked for a refund due to COVID-19 cases. I would know later that my refund request was processed on March and I was informed, ...
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