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A French island in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Southern Half of Corsica's GR20 hike in late October [migrated]

The GR20 between Calenzana and Conca is considered one of Europe's best but also most difficult hikes. The recommended time of year to do this hike safely is usually given as June to mid-October. Our ...
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Traveling to Corsica from mainland France - will they check my vaccination certificate?

I am planning to go from mainland France to Corsica. Will they check my vaccination certificate when entering Corsica from mainland France? As it is the same administrative region I am unsure if they ...
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Options for traveling to Corsica from NYC [closed]

I live in NYC and am looking to travel to Corsica for a few weeks next summer to visit my boyfriend, who's from Bastia. From what I can ascertain the options are taking a flight from either Paris or ...
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Is there a rental agency for Citroen 2CVs, Meharis or Renault R4s in Corsica?

Going to Corsica, I'd prefer renting a fun classic french car like those listed in the title to a modern one. However, I could only find rental agencies for those classics in continental France. Are ...
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How to get from Bonifacio to Bastia via Calvi?

I've read that public transportation on Corsica is quite poor. According to rome2rio, there is one bus daily from Calvi to Bastia, but there are no results for Bonifacio to Calvi. Is the only way to ...
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Flight connections between south-west Germany and Corsica?

I've been trying to find flight connections between South-West Germany (Stuttgart, Baden, Strasbourg, Basel) and Corsica (ideally Calvi). There seems to be little choice and many connections are via ...
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What was the tower seen in stage 3 of Tour de France on Corsica?

Stage 3 of this year's Tour de France passed an tower at the end of a headland on the Corsican Coast. Anyone recognise it? According to Wikipedia there are 90 towers on Corsica! Seen here (UK) about ...
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Is there a convenient ferry between Sardinia and Corsica?

I have flights to Olbia, Sardinia for three nights first weekend of May (because they were cheap). I thought it might be nice to spend a night in Corsica (and bring my TCC count up to 41). Are there ...
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