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Compensation refers to the act of providing a person with money or other things of economic value in exchange for the costs of injuries or difficulties that they have incurred.

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What is considered "reasonable expenses" for reimbursement when Ryanair cancels a flight?

Ryanair cancelled a flight on a lightly scheduled route from Brussels, Belgium to Nantes, France and could not get my family on another Ryanair flight until 2 days later. I was told by the chat agent ...
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According to EU compensation rules, can you refund one leg of the journey but reroute the other?

In the case of the flight cancellation, EC261 requires airlines to give passengers the choice of: re-routing later rerouting at the passenger's convenience a refund of the ticket In case of ...
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International train left Italy with 90 minutes delay and arrived 110 minutes late. Can I be compensated and where to claim?

Recently, I took an Eurocity train from Italy to Switzerland. I purchased my ticket from a Trenitalia self-service kiosk at Milano Centrale. The train left with a delay of 90 minutes. My destination ...
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Compensation for a Missed Connection Flight

I had missed my connecting flight from Warsaw (WAW) to Belgrade (BEG) due to a delay of an hour approximately on my first flight from London (LHR) to Warsaw. As a result, I had to wait three hours in ...
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Unreasonable rebooking of cancelled flight

Flying from Dallas via Chicago the connecting flight to Reykjavik was cancelled after a 3-hour delay. It was rebooked at 1 am with an error on the ticket showing 2 flights the next day. The actual ...
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Delayed bag compensation rights. For flight inside europe

On a flight with Wizzair (low cost european airline). Flight inside european union. The bag is missing now for around 14 days. The company emailed me. That as my bag is delayed. I can send them ...
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What options do I have to seek further compensation from Turkish Airlines for the delay in delivering my baggage?

Turkish Airlines lost my baggage and it took them six days to deliver it to me. This delay caused me to spend almost $2k because I had nothing to wear and the next day was a holiday. I didn't even ...
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Re-routing and assistance rights for delayed Interrail/Eurail passengers

tl;dr: EU regulation 1371/2007 describes in articles 16 to 18 train passengers' rights to reimbursment, re-routing, compensation and assistance in case of train delays and cancellations. Are these ...
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Can airlines claim back denied boarding compensation+expenses from handling agents?

I've been denied boarding on 8 flights to the UK, due to most handling companies across Europe being misinformed about a specific detail of UK carrier regulations. easyJet and Jet2 have confirmed they ...
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Claiming compensation for Ryanair after diversion

Last month I had a horrible flight experience with Ryanair. We left Madrid with a three hour delay and when we were about to land in Stansted we were diverted to Birmingham because the runway was ...
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Damaged luggage compansation -Air China

My suitcase was delayed at Dalian Airport (China), I went to the Air China customer center and filled out the form at the airport "confirmation of passenger baggage information". They told ...
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Compensation for Hotel or Travel Package

Are there platforms similar to that provide support to get compensation for hotel or travel package bookings in case of issues? I am aware of some websites but they just redirect ...
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Airline transfers EC261 compensation in different currency to EUR account, refuses to cover conversion fees

I submitted a claim for 400EUR compensation due to a cancelled flight under EU 261/2004 regulation from Aer Lingus and provided them with an EUR account in my home country (not Ireland, but in EU and ...
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Delayed Baggage Compensation Turkish Airlines

I was recently on a trip and my baggage was delivered late (to the tune of 46 days after my arrival). I filed a delayed baggage report via Turkish Airlines' online form. The updates were ...
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Missed last international day train connection due to previous train delay, railway proposes a sit-up-all-night alternative instead. I need to sleep

I was due to catch the last train from Zurich to Munich of the day. My trip began elsewhere in Switzerland. Due to a 20-minute delay of a previous train on the way to Zurich, I missed the connection ...
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EasyJet cancelled flight alternative over UK without visa

I bought a direct easyJet flight from Palermo to Amsterdam. Due to the airport worker strike my flight was cancelled. There were 2 alternative flights both were with one stop. However, EasyJet ...
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Eu 261 query on multi flight ticket during BA pilots strike

We purchased a multi flight BA ticket, Manchester to Heathrow, Heathrow to Seattle for 20 Aug 2019 flying back from Los Angeles to Heathrow then connection to Manchester departing LA on 9 September. ...
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