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Alternatively "white arm", a weapon that does not involve fire or explosions (such as the act of combustion) as a result from the use of gunpowder or other explosive materials. Examples of cold weapons include swords, knives, bows-and-arrows, slingshots, etc.

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Asking same flight customers if they would agree to put my knife in their checked luggage

Issue When flying with only a carry-on allowed, I am often bothered by not being allowed to carry a small knife that I will need at my destination (backpacking trips). So far, every time I faced this ...
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Do I need to declare ice axes at customs?

I will be travelling to and returning from Norway, to/from the UK. I will be carrying two ice axes within my checked-in luggage, to use for sporting activities. They do have a somewhat menacing ...
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What are the shaving options for the carry-on traveler?

This question rustled some jimmies! Now that we have more information I'm rephrasing it to fit in better with the overall picture, which is shaving options for travelers without checked luggage. When ...
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How could I transport my legal air rifle from the US to the UK?

I recently bought an air rifle from the us and want to take it with me to the UK. How could I take it or ship it?
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Is the carrying of knives in the street regulated in Malaysia?

Some countries do not allow the carrying of a knife in the street. Is there such a regulation in Malaysia?
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Can I bring a bear spray from the US to Canada?

While hiking in the US, I bought a bear spray. However, I never used it. Now I'm taking an Amtrak train from the US to Canada and I'd like to take the bear spray with me. Am I allowed to do that? ...
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Can I bring a friction lock baton to Dubai?

Is it legal to import and possess a friction-lock baton in Dubai for self-defence purposes?
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Is it legal to bring and carry a baton (weapon, bludgeon) into Denmark?

I have a retractable baton which is a self-defense weapon. (It has no other purpose but as a weapon.) I am considering bringing it on my trip to Denmark, but of course, only if I can be sure it is ...
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Is carrying a bow in the airplane a problem?

If I go on a (EU internal) flight with my bow, do I have to register my uncommon luggage somehow? Is just handled as sporting equipment like a ball? Of course we're not talking about the "hand-...
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Can I bring a cooking knife to the Maldives?

My sister and I are travelling to Maldives the paradise Island. We want to bring cooking knife and some cooking paste for our cooking. Can we check in our sharp cooking knife in our check in luggage? ...
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Bringing a lock knife into the UK with British Airways

Can I bring a lock knife I want to buy in the US into the UK in my luggage? the blade is 3 3/4" (9.5 cm) long - you can buy the same knife in the UK but at twice the price?
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