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Questions tagged [christmas]

For questions about traveling on Christmas day (December 25th) or events related to Christmas which are of interest to tourists.

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How many times can I go to the US in a year? [duplicate]

I'm thinking of going to the US this summer from June to September with an Visa Waiver Program for 3 months. And again for Christmas for 2 months, middle of December to middle of February.with Visa ...
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How can I get from Nice air port to Imperia at 21:00 24/12?

My flight arrives to Nice at 20:00 and I need to go to Imperia. All car rental services seem to be close. There is a train to Ventimiglia but that is all. How can I get from Nice air port to Imperia, ...
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Which is "more open" on Christmas Day: Zurich or Milan?

I'm planning a trip to Europe for the holiday season this year. Our tentative itinerary is to start in Munich, stop by Zurich, and end in Milan (all by train). There's an open question of whether or ...
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What to do in Munich on Christmas Eve? [closed]

We (me, my wife and our 4-years-old daughter) are now in Munich and are now thinking what to do tomorrow (Dec 24) evening. We don't (or at least were not going to) celebrate Christmas, but apparently ...
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Are credit cards accepted in Strasbourg Christmas markets?

We are thinking to visit "The Capital of Christmas" (Strasbourg, France) and it's famous Christmas markets on the beautifully illuminated streets with delicious aromas and holiday atmosphere. Will we ...
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Restaurants during Christmas in Norway

We are currently planning our annual road trip through Norway over Christmas and newyear. In the past we started after Christmas, but this time we will start earlier and are planning to spend the ...
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34 votes
7 answers

Where is a celebration-free, little-to-no Christmas skiing destination during the holiday season? [closed]

I'm trying to plan a skiing trip for Christmas holidays which is when I can use my work holidays, however I do not celebrate Christmas and I do not enjoy the whole consumerist/festive/you-name-it ...
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Paris in Jan Christmas decorations

I am travelling to Paris on the 7th of January, 2019. I wanted to know if the Christmas lights and decorations will still be there around the city at that time. It's my first visit to Paris, so that ...
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26 votes
5 answers

Can I buy only the wine glass in the Munich Christmas market?

In Munich, GER, I plan to visit the Christmas market for some Glühwein (hot wine). From what I read, you can return your glass and get a portion of the price back. The glass is somewhat a souvenir. ...
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New Jersey area Christmas Town [closed]

Are there any small cities or large towns within a three hour drive of Atlantic City, NJ that go all out during the Christmas season? Specifically: organized public holiday decorations and displays, ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What is the cheapest way of travelling between New York and Las Vegas by public transportation? [closed]

I am looking for the cheapest way of traveling between New York and Las Vegas by public transport.I want to celebrate Christmas in Las Vegas this year.I can travel in trains, buses or any other ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What is usually open in Vienna during Christmas?

I'll be spending my a few days of my holidays in Vienna and I found the city quite dead today (24th). It was such a disaster to find a nice restaurant to have dinner and every single shop/restaurant ...
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29 votes
3 answers

London on Christmas Day

I booked an overnight flight to London, arriving on Christmas morning. After I'd made the booking (see note below), I learned from a friend of a friend that a lot of the city shuts down on that day. I'...
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Rail service from London to Brussels on Boxing Day?

I need to know If there are some rail service from London to Brussels on Boxing Day. I´d like to get more info about that
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Car on ferry between Gozo and Malta during the Christmas period

I am travelling with a car from Malta to Gozo on the 28th of December and back on the 31st of December. According to the ferry homepage, it will be travelling normally on those days. I do not have any ...
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