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The largest city in the South Island, and the third largest in New-Zealand. In Canterbury Region on the east coast.

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1h40 to transfer in Sydney, one booking but can't check baggage through [duplicate]

We booked a flight from Manila to Christchurch with 1hr 40mins layover at Sydney. Upon booking, the details indicated at Sydney-Christchurch flight, its still Qantas Airways but already operated by ...
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17 votes
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Where can I learn about the earthquake and reconstruction of Christchurch?

I'll be visiting Christchurch, New Zealand for 3 days, and I would like to learn and have a feeling of the impacts of the 2011 earthquakes and learn about the reconstruction effort. I would like to ...
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Check in time for layover at Sydney airport

I am flying Bangkok to Christchurch, NZ. I have a 6 hour layover in Sydney so I have a visa to go out and explore for an hour or two. Both flights are Qantas so I don't need to check my luggage out. ...
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4 votes
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What area should I stay in in Christchurch?

Having stayed in Christchurch a couple of days ago, I checked in at a hotel in the centre of town. Christchurch locals may realise the problem with this - because of the closed red zone, there are ...
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Tourism after the Earthquake in Christchurch

I hear that there is still a condemned zone in the heart of Christchurch after their earthquake. How much impact does that have upon tourist-related activities? Does it make it difficult to get ...
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