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Oral and written human communication particularly connected with the peoples of China.

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Does Taiwan have thrift stores? How to find them?

Here in Australia we have the "Salvos" and "Vinnies" and many other "op shops" that sell old stuff people donated, and we have "Cash Converters" who buys your ...
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Where can I find chinese (Mandarin) books in Paris? [closed]

Ni Hao everyone I am searching for Mandarin learning books (or used books if possible) in Paris please. Thanks in advance ! 谢谢 Best regards
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Are the Asian girls in this music video Chinese or Malaysian, and are they singing in Chinese? [closed]

This video: They are obviously Asian, and I seem to recognize some of the letters as being Chinese. Also, the song itself seems to be a famous/classic Chinese song ...
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In which countries in Asia is Mandarin more understood than English?

I'm bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese, and I'm planning to go backpacking around Asia (Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, etc). It seems that ...
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How likely is it to get a phone call on Didi ("Uber in China")?

I travel for China now but it is sometimes hard to get a taxi here (I'm in Chongqing) since the driver can deny the route he doesn't like. So I would rather try Didi, a clone of Uber in China (I have ...
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The literacy rate of Mandarin/Simplified Chinese in Taipei?

When I'm in China and having trouble communicating in English, I type in a sentence in Mandarin on my iPhone. I'm good enough to write one or two sentences in Mandarin, although I can't handle an oral ...
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Is there somewhere a glossary or introduction to the different kinds of accommodation in Taiwan including the Chinese characters?

I've travelled in both mainland China and Taiwan before, but this time in Taiwan I've noticed a lot more Chinese words and characters than I was aware of are used for different types or accommodation, ...
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How can a non-Chinese-speaking traveller use the free Wi-Fi in 7-Elevens in Taiwan?

In another of my questions here I asked if any of the convenience store chains in Taiwan offer free Wi-Fi. Well today I found out that 7-Eleven does. But the sign up / log in pages are totally in ...
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What does this Chinese character 天 mean on my visa?

In my Chinese visa, against "Days after entry", I find this character: 天 Google translate says it means day, sky, heavens, God, etc. What exactly does it mean in this context? Edit: You can see it ...
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Can Westerners use the free Wi-Fi at Guangzhou international airport?

My route home at the end of my trip will have me on a 4-hour connection at Guangzhou airport in China. I've read online that it's an unpleasant airport but it would be more bearable if I knew I would ...
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