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*中国铁路总公司*, China Railway Corporation, operates passenger and freight railways in the People's Republic of China through various bureaux or companies (see `tag info`) and is state-owned.

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When did/does the Trans-Mongolian pass through Datong?

On July 8th 2018, I took train K4 departing at 07:30 local time from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and arriving at 14:30 the next day in Beijing, China. The schedule bolted to the wall of my train (pictured) ...
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Detailed timetable for the Qinghai-Tibet Railway

I need to travel from Lhasa (拉萨) to Xi'an (西安) in early April 2018, and I'm thinking of travelling by train as the Qinghai-Tibet Railway is said to be spectacular. I particularly want to see the area ...
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Do the Chinese CRH trains have power outlets?

I couldn't find any outlets last time I was on a CRH. Which models have an outlet, and where in the train can we find them?
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Which cities should I visit in China to feel and live the three kingdoms era? [closed]

I am really interested in the three kingdoms era (Wei, Shu, Wu) in China. Next year in September I wish to go to China for my honeymoon. My primary purpose is to visit the temples dedicated to ...
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How to use JR. name suffix when booking tickets with China Railway?

I like being named for my father, but I wish I had never put JR on my name on any document. It is on my passport and often causes trouble. Airlines and hotels often record me as "Mr. JR." Now I want ...
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