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China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited *中国东方航空公司* based at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is a state-owned airline. Not the same as China Airlines. Not the same as Eastern Air Lines nor Eastern Airways.

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Chinese transit visa for Indian citizen

I am an Indian citizen living in Canada on a work permit. I am planning to take a China eastern flight for my next trip to India. The itinerary is as follows : Vancouver International Airport YVR -> ...
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Storing luggage at Kunming Changshui Airport?

I am travelling to CCU India from LAX USA via China on China Eastern Airlines. My itinerary is as follows - LAX => PVG => KMG => CCU I have long layovers at PVG/KMG airports, but I was informed ...
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Checked baggage tag-through service via several airlines (ORD, PVG, BKK)

I am flying to Bangkok from USA via stop over in ORD and PVG. In total I have three separate tickets: American Airlines: ATL to ORD China Eastern: ORD to PVG Air China: PVG to BKK Each time, I have 5 ...
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Inside Airport transfer, China

I am traveling to and fro from KIX (Osaka, Japan) to CCU (Kolkata, India) via China Eastern airlines. The going flight has 3 stops in China, at DLC (2h 10min, China), YNT (1h, China) and KMG (2h ...
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How to find the route map of a given airline?

It seems in the old days you could easily find the actual route map (ie: showing the actual city to city nonstop legs they fly) of an airline. It really seems to me this is becoming hard to find ...
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Does my internet traffic get censored on a China Eastern flight?

I'm going to Japan next summer, and the cheapest flight by far is 15 hours from where I am to Shanghai, a 4 hour layover (which I know will be censored), and a 3 hour flight to Tokyo (which doesn't ...
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Cheap accomodation close to Yantai international airport(China) with 24 hr checkin [closed]

I am going to Nagoya,Japan in May. I am travelling by China Eastern which has a change of planes at Yantai. Stoppage time is 9hr 30 min(0:55am to 10:35am). I need a cheap accommodation with 24hrs ...
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Having bought flight tickets from a third party, how do I check-in online?

I bought a round-trip flight ticket from a third party. The flights are operated by Air France and China Eastern Airlines. More specifically: Toulouse --> Paris --> Shanghai (operated by Air France)...
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Can I use Nintendo 3DS in a flight operated by China Eastern?

In China Eastern, you are prohibited to use a smartphone during a flight, even after a leaving phase, and also even if you set it to flight mode. In fact I saw many passangers instructed to stop ...
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May I earn Aeroflot or Air France miles flying with China Eastern?

China Eastern, Air France and Aeroflot belong to the SkyTeam alliance. I'm a frequent flyer in Air France and Aeroflot and now I'm going to purchase a China Eastern flight. May I earn miles with any ...
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