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The capital of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Located on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal.

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Do I have to pay duty when carrying 15 iPhones domestically in India? (From Chennai to Delhi.)

I have purchased 15 iPhones in Chennai and I want to bring them to Delhi. Will I have to pay duty for that in Chennai? I have the receipt proving I bought them in Chennai.
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Chennai to Pune - bus or train?

Summary: I'm looking for the best photo-taking reasonably priced journey experience when travelling by land from Chennai to Pune in India. This seems to leave a bus vs train choice. Car travel ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Land route from Chennai, Tamil Nadu to Amritsar, Punjab in India

Is there a well known backpackers' overland route between Chennai, Tamil Nadu to Amritsar, Punjab? Touching up on Agra and Varanasi in between, if possible. Preferably by bus and/or trains. I'm up to ...
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Facilities available during layovers by Air India

I have a ticket from Bangalore to Port Blair Via Chennai, with a layover of 12h30m (arrival at chennai 17:10 and departure on next day at 5:00). Does Air India provide accommodation during this ...
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Left luggage room (cloakroom) available at Chennai Airport?

Can anyone tell us whether the left luggage room (cloakroom) at Chennai Airport is available as of the 1st of April 2020?
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Best way to travel from Bangalore to Chennai by road

I am planning to drive down from Bangalore to Chennai? Which is the best route to take? How much toll do I need to pay?
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3 answers

Chennai or Pune for starting location on India Trip

I will be going on business to India and I have the choice of either going to work in Pune or Chennai for a month. I work in IT. After that I am planning to take 2 weeks holiday to travel around India,...
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I'll be flying US-Malaysia with a 2-day transit in Chennai. Can I store my bags at MAA airport before customs?

I'll be flying from the US to Malaysia with a 2-day transit in Chennai. Is there a place where I can store my bags at MAA airport before customs? The reason being, I'll be bringing quite a few stuff ...
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Visiting Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota as non-Indian

Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) in Sriharikota, south of Chennai, is India's main spaceport. They have recently opened up a 5000-seat viewing gallery for launches, complete with a booking system ...
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Are early morning suburban commuter trains crowded in Chennai

I am travelling to Chennai in a couple of months time. I have booked a ticket from Frankfurt to Chennai in Lufthansa. This means I arrive at close to midnight in Chennai. I googled and discovered that ...
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German visa correction

I got the Schengen visa - Germany in Chennai, but there is error in the photo. They printed my daughters photo in my sons visa. My daughters passport is correct. What is the process to do visa ...
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Can a US citizen skip the line to the US embassy on foreign soil by showing her passport even if she or he has come with a group of people?

So, I am going on a field trip with my classmates to the US consulate in India, Chennai. One of my friends is a US citizen. We want to know if she can or cannot skip the line and go show her passport ...
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Taxi service at Chennai airport

Can anyone tell me where the prepaid taxi counter in the Chennai airport is? Is it inside or outside the airport building? According to the internet, multiple prepaid taxi counters are present. ...
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Travel within India after International travel?

I am travelling to Hyderabad, India from USA. This is part of my vacation and Visa stamping. I have my biometric finger prints and visa interview both at Chennai US consulate with 6 days gap in ...
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Chennai Airport Luggage Storage

Please let me know is there any cloak rooms available in chennai international and domestic terminals for leaving luggage?
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What could be the Customs duty at Chennai (MAA) airport for Panasonic 55 inch used (>3 years) TV [duplicate]

I bought a TV (Panasonic 55 inch NON-Smart TV) like 3 years back and using it. The airline says, extra baggage will be $200 which I can do, but I'm not sure how much will be the custom duty at Chennai ...
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How can I ship luggage from Chennai to Madurai in India? [closed]

I'll be arriving in Chennai from Chicago on September 11th at around 3 am and same day at 6 am I'll be flying to Madurai with Jet Airways. I'm carrying two pieces of luggage weighing approximately 20 ...
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Booked and boarding station differ; can we board from the booking station? [duplicate]

I have booked a ticked from Kota to Chennai and mention boarding from Ujjain. Can I travel from Kota? Is there any penalty, or do we have to go for a boarding change?
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USA travel visa chennai [closed]

Please recommend reliable travel agencies for USA travel visa. We are planning to invite my uncle & aunt (mom sister) for holidays, thanks
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