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Registering a traveller’s presence and completing in-person formalities such as on arrival at a hotel or confirmation of intention to travel such as on-line to an airline.

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The screen on my laptop I checked in has stopped working. Could I claim something? [closed]

The touch screen on my new laptop has stopped working after I checked it in at Baltimore, MD. I was travelling with British Airways. Can I claim any compensation?
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Does a check-in agent have the right to ask me to open my bag?

...and if I refuse to open my bag, can they refuse to check my bag or refuse to check me in or get somebody else over to the check in desk that has the authority to open my bag or request that I do so?...
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Is this luggage likely to be considered oversized as checked baggage? [closed]

I've recently purchased and fitted a container for a costume I plan to take to conventions abroad. It's a cube shaped flight case measuring 530 x 530 x 530 mm. I added that up, and god damn it, it ...
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Baggage check-in rules for Lufthansa airlines

I am travelling from Mumbai to Lafayette via Munich-Houston by Lufthansa. Do I need to claim my checked luggage to clear customs in Munich and Houston?
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Check-in when travelling with two different companies

I will soon travel with 2 different companies, is it possible to check in and recieve both boardings in the airport of my first destination (i.e. book seats of both flights and get both boardings as ...
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How long before my flight should I arrive at Mumbai airport?

I will be flying out of Mumbai airport at 13.00 on a Friday on British Airways. I'm looking to understand how long beforehand I should arrive - I'm unfamiliar with Mumbai airport procedures. In case ...
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Why does it take so long to check in at the airport?

It seems to take an inordinate amount of time for them to select my name from a list of people who have booked the flight and press enter. Surely it can't be any more complicated than that can it?
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Using Ryanair online check-in, how to print boarding pass for the return flight?

I am flying with Ryanair and have managed to print my outgoing boarding pass, but it says you can't print a return until 8 days before departure. What do you do then?
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What is the purpose of check-in before flying?

A few years ago, to do the check in, we would go to the airport and do it directly at the counter. I always thought the function of the check-in for the airline company would be to tell the company "...
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