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Registering a traveller’s presence and completing in-person formalities such as on arrival at a hotel or confirmation of intention to travel such as on-line to an airline.

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Is it safe to upload photos of ID to as required by an airbnb host for self check-in

I have booked an airbnb in Rome. I didn’t notice that it was listed as self check-in. After booking, I received a link to a form which asks for a lot of sensitive information as well as ...
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India flight security checks

While booking a ticket for someone, I used her first name and husband's initials (Kalyani S) instead of her full name (Kalyani Chaudhary). Her Aadhar card and other documents provide her full name. ...
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Who can use Delta express check-in?

I read on the SLC official website that Delta and United Airlines have an express check-in at Salt Lake City Airport (SLC): Delta Air Lines and United Airlines also offer express check-in in the ...
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how to change Lufthansa seat assignment upon/after check-in when first flight is on United

I am flying LH from ORD to MUC. However, my first flight to ORD is on UA. I wonder how I can select seats when I check in on UA. I got checked in for the first segment, but I can not figure out what ...
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Transiting through KLIA2 on separate tickets without checked baggage

I'm a Malaysian citizen and I will fly from Penang (PEN) to Singapore (SIN) and transit through KLIA2. I have bought separate tickets from Penang to KLIA2 (7th January 2022 0755-0900) and KLIA2 to ...
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Protect fragile items with biodegradable foam packing in a flight checked luggage

Someone is planning to bring fragile items (eg. glass bottle, steel bar, lamp, or electronics without Lithium battery) in a flight checked luggage. That person tries to protect those fragile items ...
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How to carry two check-in luggage in United in March 2021?

As of March 2021, we can carry only one check in luggage (per person) in New Delhi - New York United flight. We can pay $100 for an extra check-in luggage. I was wondering if there is any cheaper way ...
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