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Questions regarding traveling on chartered vessels (planes, ships, etc).

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What is a charter airline, and what are the risks of flying with one?

I am travelling from Burgas to Munich and the only direct flight appears to be with "Bulgarian Air Charter": Apparently this is a "charter airline". I cannot find any information ...
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Charter flights to India

India is allowing tourists to enter from the middle of October, but only on charter flights. What I think of as a charter flight is the kind of flight you get on if you are on a package tour... i.e. ...
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Private charter flight [closed]

We unfortunately have a need to travel to Seattle from San Jose. I am travelling with a high risk passenger. We have been looking to fly with a charter flight. I havent done this before. Does anyone ...
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How to check-in for a Royal Wings flight in Brussels?

My friend is going from London via Brussels to Aqaba (LHR-BRU-AQJ). BRU-AQJ being on a Royal Wings flight. He's going hand-luggage-only. What I wonder is: Can he check in online for Royal Wings ...
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Delayed Monarch flight [duplicate]

What time did Monarch flight ZB7014 from Gatwick land in Rhodes on 2nd September 2015. It was due at 12 noon and we calculated our arrival as 3hrs 15 minutes late. Monarch airlines say it was only 2 ...
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Affordable yacht holiday around Cook Islands / Pacific Islands

Does anyone know any affordable options for some form of yacht / boat holiday around the Cook Islands or other Pacific Islands? I'd really like to explore a bit off the normal beaten path with a bit ...
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Ideal island for bareboat sailing in Caribbean? [closed]

My boyfriend and I are planning a sailing trip to the Caribbean over Thanksgiving week this year. We have already been sailing in the British Virgin Islands and really enjoyed it, but want to go ...
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How can I visit the airbase at Attu Island?

I am researching a book about Attu Island during WWII. How would I go about getting permission to visit the old airbase there? How would I charter a boat to the island?
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Is there a website that would let me book charter flights online?

There are many airlines in Europe which provide charter airline service to (mostly) holiday destination cities in the winter. For example, there is a direct flight from Prague to Sal in Cape Verde by ...
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Prices and availability for Mandarin/TransAsia TPE-ISG charter flights

So I'm given to understand that the following "scheduled charter" flights between Taipei-Taoyuan and Ishigaki (Japan) exist and are open to the public: Mandarin Airlines AE7334 TPE1140 – 1335ISG E90 ...
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Are there charter flights between Australia and New Zealand that you can join?

I don't mean chartering my own flight, but like someone else mentioned that socialflights does in the US, I was wondering if something similar existed for trans-Tasman flights.
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Is there a point where it would make more financial sense to charter a flight than to buy tickets?

Say you're going from point A to point B and the only [reasonable] way to get there is by airplane (eg an island to mainland). Pretend your group is LARGE (at least 12 people) Is there a breaking ...
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Is there a booking site for chartering flights?

Are there booking sites for chartering flights? A Google journey revealed many sites where one could enquire for details on chartering a plane, but so far all the enquiring needs to be done by sending ...
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Can chartering a private plane be an affordable alternative to scheduled flights?

I once missed a plane due to not considering the timezone difference. I could get a seat on the next flight for 1600 Eur. Thanks to the Internet I noticed that a competitor offered a one-way ticket to ...
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