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Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, West Bengal, India ~3m NE of the centre of Kolkata.

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CCU to PBH - How long before departure do I need to arrive?

I am planning to fly to Bhutan (PBH) from BLR via CCU. This is not a connecting flight and I will be booking both legs of the journey separately. As an Indian Citizen, how long before departure ...
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Transportation from Bangoan to Kolkata Airport

I'll be travelling from Bangladesh. Expected time to reach Benapole at 8am. I will be in a bit of a hurry to catch my flight at 5pm. Is there any taxi service from Benapole/Bangoan to Kolkata ...
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In which airport am I expected to clear customs and immigration?

I'm an Indian citizen, travelling from Kolkata to Detroit via Delhi and Amsterdam. I've a flight with Air India from Kolkata to Delhi and a flight with KLM from Delhi to Detroit, with a stop at ...
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