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What is my duty-free allowance when returning to the USA as a citizen?

I've read two articles about the duty-free exemption (1, 2), and in both articles there are three different amounts of duty free item value allowance mentioned: 200 USD, 800 USD, and 1600 USD. However,...
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I'm from the UK travelling to meeting my Girlfriend for the first time who is from the US. How will I get on going through CBP?

So I've got my ESTA and passport. I will be getting my flight ticket, travel insurance and vaccinations soon. My current 'employment' is that I care for my dad who is disabled. But I've arranged that ...
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How detailed should I get with custom forms? Arriving in the US from UK

I am a US citizen and I am flying to the UK for vacation purposes. I don't plan on making any big purchases, definitely less than $800, but I want to be prepared for how many details I need to keep ...
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Nexus eligibility for Canadian PR previously resident in the US?

I am a Canadian PR and Indian citizen who was previously living in the US on a student visa and have been living in Canada as a PR for 20 months. As such, I've been resident for a total of ≥ 3 years ...
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Global Entry: Can non-residents use Enrollment on Arrival?

I’m a UK-resident UK citizen, I’ve just been conditionally approved for Global Entry and I have a trip to New York in a couple of weeks. There are no appointments available nearby while I’m there, but ...
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US CBP secondary inspection

I'm an Italian citizen who is coming on December 24 to the US with my daughter to spend some time with my boyfriend, who is a US citizen. On October 14, I came to the US by myself to stay with my ...
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Can I take a leather travel journal to usa from uk?

I bought it in England from ethnic store it was made in India and the cover is leather. That’s an animal product but I can’t see it listed on prohibited item only skin and I assume skin is the raw ...
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Do CBP officers check or ask for travel history when entering into US via Automated Passport Control (Kiosk) equipped airports?

I want to know that do CBP officers check or ask for travel history when entering into US via Automated Passport Control (Kiosk) equipped airports? I have a valid Green Card but I am away from US for ...
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USA stamping passport inconsistently [duplicate]

I am a US citizen. 2013 to 2018, I left USA and returned many times. Looking through my passport now, I see that only about half the entries were stamped. I don't recall any significant differences ...
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