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A British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean comprised of the islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

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How common are Manchineel trees in Grand Cayman?

My wife surprised the family by booking a trip to Grand Cayman later next year. This would be a welcome vacation after the recent years the world has had (and yes, we are aware of the current ...
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Do I need a Visa or Passport to Visit the Caymans?

I live in the USA. I’m an active SCUBA diver and have heard the Caymans have some amazing dive sites all around the islands. I’ve been thinking about booking a trip down next year. Do I need a visa or ...
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Canadian to Cuba and Cayman

Can I travel from Cuba to Grand Cayman and enter the Caymans using my birth certificate instead of my passports?
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Is there any need to rent an SUV on Grand Cayman Island?

As per my cell phone question I will be on Grand Cayman Island next year for vacation. I will be renting a car while I am there, but is there any reason to rent something like a Jeep as opposed to ...
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What SIM card/roaming options do I have in the Cayman Islands?

I will be traveling to the Cayman Islands next year from the US where I use a pre-paid T-Mobile (unlocked, original Motorola RAZR) phone. From the answer to this question about T-Mobile in the US ...
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What can I expect when taking a cruise from the USA to Mexico (and others)?

This is the first time my wife and I have ever taken a cruise, and the process and requirements for this trip are more then a little confusing. We are departing from Tampa FL, traveling to Mexico ...
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US Passport will expire while I'm in Grand Cayman

Itinerary: Leaving US to Grand Cayman May 10 Coming back May 16 My passport expires May 15, 2016. Since weekend is upon us, can't renew passport in time. Can I still fly to Grand Cayman, then go to ...
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More Flight Routes from India to Grand Cayman [duplicate]

Need some more routes from India to Grand Cayman. How can I book air ticket from India to Georgetown, Cayman Islands without any Transit visa that is required by UK/USA, or which are the countries ...
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Flight from India to Cayman islands non -via USA/UK

I recently found out that if I travel From India to the Cayman Islands via UK/USA, I will need a transit visa. So which countries or route or airway should I choose to get to the Cayman Islands for ...
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