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Hong Kong Cathay Dragon Airlines Ltd *國泰港龍航空公司*, known as Cathay Dragon (and formerly Dragonair), based at Hong Kong International Airport is a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific. Beware, Loong Air has a dragon logo but is a different airline.

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I lost my passport in Japan and my flight is in a few days. Is a travel permit (from the embassy) enough to allow me exit from Narita?

I'm a Bangladeshi citizen and have recently lost my passport in Japan. I tried to find it a lot but have had no luck till now. My flight is in a few days and I can't stay more than my flight date ...
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Haikou, China > Hong Kong > Doha, do I need to recheck luggage?

Im flying from Haikou to Denmark tomorrow. I would like to know if I have to pick up my luggage and check in all over in Hong Kong, as I will have very little time in HK. Haikou > HK is with ...
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What to do when a leg is not honoring fare (not a glitch / mistake)

This isn't a case of finding a glitch in the fare system. I paid about $600 for an international fare out of LAX with 2 flights (1 stop) through American Airline's website. When I bought the ticket, ...
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