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A city in western Morocco, located on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the capital of the Grand Casablanca region.

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Combined tram/train ticket from Casablanca Airport to Casa Voyageurs to Fes

Let's say we're flying into Casablanca airport and want to take the tram to Casa Voyageurs and then a train to the city of Fes. I am able to buy a ticket from the oncf-voyages website with the ...
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Casablanca alone for 4-5 hours alone . middle aged woman [duplicate]

Marocc Air just changed my flights and now I have an 8 hours lay over in Casa Blanca. Is it safe to take train to city tour for 4 hours and come back? Advice please. I have never been to Morocco
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Tramway from airport to Casablanca

The Casablanca Tramway appears to run an “R” line from the Mohammed V International Airport to the city center according to this map. This 2015 news announcement seems to say that there is indeed a ...
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Gambian national traveling to Gambia having four hours transit in morroco Casablanca do I need a transit visa [duplicate]

k am a Gambian national traveling to Gambia do I need a four hour transit visa to morroco Cassablanca
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Do you have to clear Moroccan immigration at any point flying Zurich-Casablanca-(Tanger)-Gibraltar?

I'm considering buying a ticket Zurich-Gibraltar with Royal Air Maroc in a single multi-city booking (a normal booking cannot be made on that route), and with hand luggage only. I would check in ...
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Storing luggage in Casablanca for about 10 days

We are based in the USA, and are travelling to India for a wedding (4 days with multiple costumes, gifts, souvenirs, etc. --- so can't travel light). On the return route, we are stopping in Morocco ...
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Can you step out of the airport for some time while transiting through Casablanca Airport?

We are traveling to Monrovia from Nairobi (Royal Air Maroc). We've got Indian Passports with business visas. We have our connecting flight from Casablanca to Monrovia. Can we step out of the airport ...
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Application for united kingdom [duplicate]

I have applied for a United Kingdom visit visa but I did not sign my application. I do not know if it will be rejected. Is there any chance they will accept my application? I'm really tense about ...
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Do I need a transit visa for Morocco?

I am travelling from Montreal, Canada to Cairo, Egypt transitting in Casablanca for 13 hours. Have a hotel voucher. I hold a valid Egyptian passport and a 5 year valid visa to Canada and US. Do I need ...
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20 hour flight connection wait in Morocco. Can I sightsee?

I'm a Brazilian citizen traveling to Portugal with a connection in Casablanca, Morocco (CMN) that will make me wait 20 hours and 20 minutes for my next flight. I know that no visa is needed to enter ...
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Do I need a transit visa In Casablanca Airport?

I am travelling from Montreal (Canada) to Beirut (Lebanon) and transiting in Casablanca Airport (Morocco) for 8 hours. I currently hold a valid Canadian entry visa and study permit. My passport is ...
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Is Casablanca totally safe?

My daughter is going to have a flight with one day stopover in Casablanca. Are there places to be avoided in Casablanca for a single young woman? Which ones might they be?
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