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Questions tagged [carnival-mardi-gras]

Any of the various events and celebrations around the world named "Carnival", "Carnaval", "Mardi Gras", or "Fat Tuesday" which take place generally in February.

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How early does New Orleans start filling up with Mardi Gras tourists? [closed]

The next Mardi Gras falls on 25 February 2020. I was hoping to visit New Orleans the week before (16-21 Feb). Can I get in and out of the city, find hotels, etc., without getting caught in the Mardi ...
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Boquete to Panamá by bus on 3rd March

I need to get from Boquete to Panama City (in Panama - not Florida!) on Sunday 3rd March 2019. I have found a timetable here however with that weekend being the start of carnival I would like someone ...
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Where to Buy Rio Carnaval Tickets Online?

While this seems that is should be obvious, searching on Google for Carnaval Tickets or Where to buy Carnaval Tickets? or similar yields a whole bunch of websites, none of them seem official and with ...
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New Orleans Mardi Gras and beads

I am planning to take one of my friends from Dallas to Miami next year in February. We are planning to stop in New Orleans for Mardi Gras to attend different parades each day. When I lived in Houston, ...
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Carnival in Venice - what to expect

If I go to Venice, Italy during carnival (somewhere between mid-January and end-February), should I expect anything special, like eg. herds of tourists? - OK, I know, that's Venice, so, more tourists ...
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How to experience Carnival (Karneval) in Germany?

I'll be in Germany during the Carnival/Karneval time. Where would be the best place to go to experience Karneval in Germany, and what can I expect?
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Is it true that a "dekoriert"-sign means that naked women are dancing?

During carnival in German-speaking Europe, there are a lot of bars that have a sign at the front door stating "dekoriert", which means decorated. However, when you go inside, there are no decorations ...
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6 votes
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Suggested itinerary for Bahia, Salvador, Brazil at Carnaval time?

Having been to Rio Carnaval in 2009, I would like to experience the equivalent in Bahia in Salvador, Brazil. Please suggest an itinerary to experience the Carnaval and other attractions. A good ...
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Can a tourist take part in the annual carnaval parade in Rio de Janeiro?

Can you take part in the famous Carnaval parade in Rio de Janeiro if you are there only for a limited period, or would that require quite some preparations?
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2 answers

How to plan celebrating carnaval in Rio?

If you are not from Brazil and you want to celebrate carnival in Rio, what should you do? Do you just buy a ticket to Rio, book any hotel and just enjoy? Or is that a recipe for failure? I can imagine ...
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