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The paddling or sailing of light boats.

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Ticino river kayaking

Since there is a drought in Italy, many rivers run at very low water. Is there any reliable source of information concerning the water levels for rivers in Italy, especially the Ticino river? Was ...
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Kayaking with orcas around Vancouver Island, BC: Finding places and kayak rentals

I will be travelling to Vancouver Island, BC in June and would like, if possible, to kayak in the presence of orcas. How can I find out if there are any good spots with a high chance to see orcas ...
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Does this count as "Sea kayaking"?

I am going on a cruise to the Fjords where I am going kayaking on the Nærøyfjord. (the pin is where I will be kayaking) The insurer (Post Office) says I need extra cover for "sea kayaking". Does ...
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Does it make sense to use a kayak or canoe in Venice?

By does it make sense I mean whether it is at all legal, safe to an acceptable degree, technically possible (and at least a bit enjoyable) to use own canoe or kayak in the water canals of Venice. I'd ...
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Is it possible to rent a kayak at Paros without guide?

I try to find out the websites that offer kayak renting at Paros (Greek island). However it seems to me that all the companies offer only guided tours on kayaks and me and my friend would prefer to do ...
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What is the most convenient possibility to rent a kayak for the Allier?

A friend and I are members in a kayaking club in Germany, and want to go to our club's tour on the Allier. We have a common friend who is interested in coming along, but she is not officially a club ...
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Shipping a kayak to India - or can I fly with it?

I've a trip planned to India in May and was wondering whether it would be possible to ship my kayak (non-inflatable) from the States to India and back. I would like to find out the best way to do it ...
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Kayak options in Patagonia

We'll be traveling to Patagonia (Chilean side) and staying there for about a week. We're very interested in undertaking a kayak trip when down there. However, so far I only found offers from tour ...
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