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Questions tagged [canadian-permanent-residents]

To be used when someone has a permanent residency in Canada

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I am Pakistani. Do I need a transit visa for Athens if I have a Canadian PR Card and US visa? [duplicate]

I have a flight next week that stops in Athens for ~2 hours. My destination is Toronto. I have a Pakistani passport and I read that since it's a third country, generally we require a transit visa in ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Singapore transit visa for multiple PNR

I am travelling from India to Canada via Singapore. However, I have booked two separate tickets, one from India to Singapore, the other from Singapore to Canada. I did this to save some money on the ...
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14 votes
2 answers

How can I renew a Belarusian passport abroad?

I would like to renew my Belarusian passport in Canada since it expires in less than two months. There are some problems, though. Belarus recently claimed they are no longer renewing passports abroad ...
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1 vote
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Canadian PR, US LPR flying to Canada with expired PR card and valid greencard

My situation is as follows I have Valid Canadian PR status My Canadian PR card has expired I have valid US LPR status My greencard is valid I reside in the US I am sure I meet the Residency ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Can I bring documents to someone at the airport entering the country?

I am a Canadian citizen and my partner is a permanent resident (PR). We're in the middle of a short trip abroad, and just realized that we left their PR card at home in Vancouver. I believe this was ...
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How do Indian citizens who are Canadian PRs apply for Global entry (instead of NEXUS)?

When I go through the TTP application questionnaire, I select my county of citizenship as India, and choose "I'm a permanent resident of Canada". How do I apply for global entry, instead of ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Missed Canada passport submission request timeline

I received my passport submission request from IRCC in October 2021. I somehow missed this email and just now found out about it. What will happen now? Will my application be cancelled? Will I have to ...
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3 votes
1 answer

B1/B2 US visa when working remotely for a US company from Canada and also a student

I'm a Canadian permanent resident, and citizen of a country that does not qualify for the US visa waiver program, but isn't otherwise problematic in terms of diplomatic relations I'm finishing up ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Can Canadian PR holder work from USA for few days while on vacation? [duplicate]

I am a Permanent Resident in Canada working for a Canadian Employer. I want to travel to the US as a B1/B2 visa holder for one week and work from home for my Canadian employer for 4 days from the US ...
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India Canada travel ban?

I am a Canadian permanent resident Came to India in March and was flying back on 4th May 2021. Due to the covid 19 strain threat, Canada put a ban on all flights from India to Canada which they have ...
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Canadian Permanent Resident entering Canada with expired US passport

I’m a US citizen and a Canadian Permanent Resident. During my visit to my terminally ill mother in the US last year my passport expired. I just noticed it and am returning to my home in Canada at the ...
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