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For questions related to airline cabin crew, also called flight attendants.

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If an airport does not have a KCM access point can crew with KCM credentials use TSA Pre-Check lanes?

From To clarify my question, I want to emphasize that this blurb states that this is "When selected for additional screening" at a KCM checkpoint, which not every ...
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Where can I view quarantine or other COVID-19 requirements for airline crew? [closed] sometimes mentions quarantine or other COVID-19 requirements for airline crew, e.g. for Thailand: Airline crew are subject to self-isolation until their ...
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Will the cabin crew heat your own food up?

Normally, you get a meal or two depending on the length of your flight. However, let's say that you also brought your own food with you (maybe a burger or ramen). Are you allowed to ask the crew to ...
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Can I travel to UK as a cabin crew after being refused entry to Ireland?

I was in Ireland from 2014-2016 with a student visa. But I was refused entry to Ireland at the immigration after traveling. The reason was that my attendance was lower than 80%, and I didn't have ...
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Why are airline meal portions so small?

Why are airline meal portions so small, even on long-haul flights ? Sometimes it's not even enough for children, let alone adults. I have some assumptions, but I would like to submit this question to ...
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Should I call the crew or go to them [duplicate]

I have always assumed that I should go to the crew rather than use the button (unless in emergency etc.) as they have more important things to do than giving me a glass of water. However recently I ...
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How do I make sure I'm not awakened during in-flight food service?

Inspired by this question, I was wondering what the best way is to make sure I miss the in-flight food. The reasons are the following: The flight is 6-7 hours, starting slightly before midnight. This ...
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Can I accidentally miss the in-flight food?

I was wondering what will happen if I was wearing headphones or asleep (or both) and I missed the in-flight food? I don't want to miss it, but I know when I get lost in my music or fall asleep I ...
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Can I call the flight attendant "Sir/Ma'am" to get his/her attention? [closed]

During an 8-hour flight in Business class, I called the flight attendant "Ma'am" to get her attention. My husband then told me that I should not have called her "Ma'am" since I am the "the ma'am" (the ...
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Is a C-1 visa required (in addition to a D visa) for a VWP national travelling to the US to join a vessel he/she works on? [closed]

If I've understood it correctly, a VWP national working as a crewmember on an aircraft needs a D visa if entering the US as a crewmember, or a C1/D visa if not entering as a crewmember but exiting as ...
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Qatar Airways says that sharp or point objects are not allowed on the aircraft

I emailed Qatar Airways to ask if I would be permitted to carry multiple pieces of jewellery (not real gold or silver) on board if some had pointy or sharp edges. They responded saying sharp objects ...
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Why are flight attendants prohibited from taking pictures with passengers?

After the gate was opened and flight attendants were idly waiting for the signal for boarding, I (young man, well-dressed) politely asked a flight attendant if I could take a picture with her for the ...
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Do flight attendants prefer I press the button or walk to the back? (Long-haul flights)

I fly Abu Dhabi - Amsterdam - Portland, OR and back frequently. Each leg is about 8 to 10 hours. For most people, it is their one 'long flight,' and are sleeping, but for me, because I have two of ...
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How did the cabin crew know that I didn't get my preferred meal in a previous flight?

In a recent flight, I ordered fish, but it was not available, the crew apologized and offered me another meal. Anyway, I flew after that with the same airline, and when they started serving meals, ...
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Is it mandatory to have a language speaker of both inbound and outbound countries' languages onboard flights?

I always wondered, is it a must for airlines to have at least one cabin crew member who is able to speak the language of the inbound and outbound countries? I am asking this because I am thinking in ...
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Is tipping a flight attendant acceptable?

This article is full of supposed "secrets" that most everyone knows about flying. But one thing it mentions is: 14. Tipping could go a long way. My girlfriend is a flight attendant. NO ONE ...
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What are the "short names" sometimes used by flight attendants?

What are the weird names flight attendants use sometimes, which seem to mix numbers and letters? Edit: The original question was Why do some flight attendants have “call signs”?, but MeNoTalk's ...
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How to deal with flight attendants behaving unlawfully?

How do travelers deal with flight attendants who conduct themselves unlawfully (racist/homophobic/etc)? I have seen and even overheard flight attendants discuss amongst themselves why they are going ...
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Can passengers visit the flight attendants' sleeping quarters?

On modern airplanes cabin crew apparently have their own sleeping quarters. See this Youtube Video. Can you peek inside these cabins as a passenger or is that off-limits?
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How to recognise/thank great cabin crew?

Those of us who fly a lot will know that there is a bit of a variety in cabin crew. Some (sadly more common on certain airlines) do the very bare minimum to ensure a safe flight, but nothing more. ...
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Under what situations can a passenger be restrained by flight crew?

I came across a news story recently where a passenger was restrained using tape for unruly behaviour on an Icelandair flight. Under what situations is a flight crew allowed to take such action, and ...
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