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Questions regarding visiting and traveling through a province of Burgundy (Bourgogne) in France.

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Which city in Burgundy is it on this Samsung ad?

I saw this ad recently on the back of a Korean newspaper What is the city featured on this ad? I would love to visit there during a stay in France. The main cities in Burgundy are : Dijon Auxerre ...
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Supermarket evaluation and rating in France

I am going to be spending a few weeks in France renting a house, so I was wondering if there are any online or other service that rate local supermarket chains or grocery stores in France. US has ...
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Wine Tastings in Burgundy

Planning a little trip through Europe which will put me for some time in Burgundy. I am used to US wineries, which have a tasting room at the vineyard/winery and while you may not be able to visit ...
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