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The capital and largest city of Hungary.

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Is there a museum anywhere at least partly about Rubik's Cube or Ernő Rubik?

Last year while I was in Budapest I had a realization that I was in the home of one of my favourite toys/puzzles/gadgets: Rubik's Cube. So I thought there must be some museum or display or official ...
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How much should a taxi between Budapest airport and Szechenyi Baths cost?

A guy from my hostel is wondering how much to expect to pay for a taxi to the Szechenyi Baths and back to the airport since he has a six hour layover there. As bonus questions can he pay in Euros or ...
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What are some of the sights to see in Budapest, Hungary? [closed]

I'm planning my first international trip out of the U.S. this fall to Budapest, Hungary. I'm visiting a very good friend who will be studying abroad. What are some things to see in Budapest?
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