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A British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean between Puerto Rico and Anguilla. Not to be confused with [us-virgin-islands]. Not to be confused with the Spanish Virgin Islands which are part of the Commonwealth of [puerto rico].

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Reentering the US as a German citizen after visiting the British Virgin Islands

I will be visiting the US for a scientific conference and plan to spend 5 days on the US Virgin Islands, flying to St Thomas STT airport from Atlanta. I'll then take a ferry to the British Virgin ...
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Are UK visas granted to travel to the UK usable elsewhere? [closed]

I am a Mongolian citizen currently in England on a one year visa. Can I travel to British Virgin Islands, or other Caribbean islands that require a British visa using the visa I have for the UK, or ...
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Which accent of English is spoken on the British Virgin Islands?

We are looking forward to bringing our English to a new level and would therefore love to take a sabbatical in the Caribbean (namely on the British Virgin Islands). Which sort of English is spoken ...
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Is leaving the USA for the British Virgin Islands considered as returning home for a British citizen?

I would like to know if I can go to the USA under a visa waiver for 90 days, then travel to the British Virgin Islands and apply for a USA Work visa from there? Do I have to return to the UK to ...
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How does one get from St. Thomas to the Virgin Gorda Baths?

My kids and I are staying in the US Virgin Islands (St. Thomas) towards the end of August. The rocks - Virgin Gorda Baths look really interesting. My kids have passports, and I'll have a rental car ...
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